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  1. is it because download takin all the bandwith
  2. there is some fantastic homebrew software available, however i think they ended that when firmware turned 4
  3. really cant understand why anyone would want to do such a thing LOL
  4. place just before u go over hump back bridge on broughton lane
  5. Is anyone else having problems recieving emails on talktalk at the mo. I can send them fine, access all the internet pages i want even facebook is working but i cant recieve emails.
  6. we always use portland direct, exactly same holiday as thomson (they are same company) usually few hundred quid cheaper though
  7. how did you get it, any instructions in the box?
  8. 2 i always check out are b3ta.com - jokes and photoshop images qj.net - info and developments on all main gaming formats
  9. that would be my recommendation as well, i would search the r4 bit and nintendo and shop if you are looking for that type of item, but argos also do one as well except its more expensive and limited what you can do
  10. have just looked on highways agency website and it looks like they resurfacing top deck of viaduct, theres the kit there to do it http://www.aaroadwatch.co.uk/home_jamcams.aspx#mapSection
  11. theres some kind of ant gel we have used in the past that if you put on their route out of the nest they take it back in on their bodies and it kills the rest of the colony
  12. temperature if the cpu has not been fitted properly?
  13. yes it is possible u need a wireless modem router compatible with the french telephone service, you can buy routers specific to the distance you need to transmit over, and the speed you wish to communicate. I am on 54mbps and its plenty fast enough I would recommend dumping the dongle and getting a pcmcia card for the laptop as it gives a better reception
  14. Click Click from a hard drive would mean the heads have got jammed in place, however i wouldn't think that a power cut would cause it because the laptop would have just reverted to battery power during the cut. Has it been dropped at any stage, and how far will it boot up?
  15. last time i went in frenny there was only a dozen ppl in and that was 9 ish on a saturday night . the pints were also a little "short of the line" at the time so maybe thats the reason
  16. E = i once challenged someone to shorten my name and they did to E and loadsa people just call me E 912 = date of birth
  17. think roses deliver they on president park or somewhere like that
  18. theres a download link on this page http://www.olympus.co.uk/consumer/2581_AS-2300.htm hope it helps
  19. I have got a electronic subscription to Glasses guide, and am quite happy to provide valuations for anyone who would like to give me details of their car. Pm's if want to keep it private
  20. used to live up there and was told 1937 ish
  21. i use vlc it also plays incomplete files or some corrupted ones
  22. vista 32 home can only recognise up to 4gb of memory, it will however only show about 3.5gb with the balance hidden for hardware drivers etc. if you go on microsofts vista web site you should be able to get the 64 bit version on dvd as long as you pc has a relevant processor
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