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  1. Am not sure nut I dont think a ps2 can play back from dvd's you have written at home, its something to do with the copy protection. but just in case, have you tried the dvds on a standard dvd player as well to make sure they are written correctly?
  2. no that one wont but the HP Photosmart C5280 it says will http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/product/seo/041725/?camp_id=ppc_long_tail_printers_google_hp_c5280#productInformationSection
  3. log in on this page with all your details and it walks you through https://supportcentre.talktalk.net/
  4. theres a place at the back of where DC Cooks was, think its edmund road or summat
  5. you need at least the 20 pin cable plugged in to get it to work, are u sure the memory is in properly. and are all the fans whirring away on everything, and do they keep spinning when the monitor goes off?
  6. as far as i know then no u cant. tried it myself thru dongles and never managed to get them to work
  7. depends on game but i just tried mario kart and entered settings fine and can happily play online.
  8. its good as long as you watch them in sequence and dont try missing a few out, otherwise it spoils it. dont think the last 2 series' were that good tho. but will still be watching when it returns in January
  9. i think it depends on what u want to do online, if its play multi player games u are ok, but to browse the web u need the nintedo browser. i am happy to be corrected on this one though
  10. yep u need a filter plug ur phone into one port and your modem/router into the other one
  11. know they do them at Birley community college in Sheffield, try RCAT they may have listings online
  12. what does the blue fatal error screen actually say
  13. i use xilisoft dvd creator, it as good as any that i used and fairly simple
  14. was tryin to think where prince charles road was lol derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  15. i use this page just put your full postcode in and it will tell give you details on your local exchange etc http://www.samknows.com/broadband/search.php a lot of people complain about Talktalk but i have been with them 18 months and for the cost u cant knock it
  16. tbh only needed to know that it works am happy to buy it now i know, they go for bout 20 on ebay game have preowned for 15 so will go there this weekend thanks
  17. have u got the game then slh. and do you need it once its done
  18. Has anyone experimented with the zelda save game fault, and if so have they had any joy? Am thinking of trying it but need to find the game first and £40 is a bit much.
  19. just checked mine and SYS = 33 CPU = 24 AUX = 49 GPU = 58 - passive cooling though there is a list if you go on intels website telling you the temps they are happy with their CPU's running at
  20. slim one is sooooooo much lighter, avoid the newest, as there are rumours of a recall due to screen probs. bought one from game preowned saved about 20 quid and it was perfect
  21. have a look at this http://www.mobile-files.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20149
  22. only problem i have had is with their technical suppor, its the best priced package i could find out there speed is generally good we are s36 so no chance of cable ever
  23. if its already been used on a cfw it may only be a partial brick and if you can get into recovery (one of trigger buttons when turning on) you can rescue it yourself.
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