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  1. yeh there are somethings that get pulled very quick on ebay like the ds equivalent wheras certain versions of psp's and various types of batterys are readily available and no codewords or anything are used.
  2. tizorettes were what i remeber and kahlene & morphine. wonder why they stopped selling that stuff, must be the kahlene
  3. i appreciate that but if thats the case i am sure ebay would have stopped listing such items as well
  4. havent heard of such a thing but with the amount of trojans and virus being produced i get a feeling any such program would get blocked now a days
  5. Why does every thread with a question about psp's get deleted, there is nothing wrong with altering the system software to allow you to play home made games, even Ebay lets you advertise this as it does not infringe copyright laws. This thread may get killed as well, so answer while you can.
  6. Sad fact is that Meadowhell actually creates more income for the local economy and pays more in taxes than Hadfields ever did. Personally I would however prefer a steel works on the site (I sell replacement parts into various factories). Sheffield as an area also produces more tons of steel now than it did in its hey day (2005 statistic)
  7. perhaps the government should legislate on what some of the production houses class as entertainment, then people wouldnt mind paying a realistic price. I have heard of people who have adapted their PSP's to play games off memory cards, so they download them try them and then buy them if they are any good, and their opinion has been that they are glad in 90% of cases that they didnt waste 30 quid on some of the outright rubbish that is being released.
  8. alternatively could log in in safe mode, F8 during loading and install from there
  9. each to their own i suppose, nut i havent ever had any problems with my ipod and now u can buy them refurbished even cheaper http://store.apple.com/Apple/WebObjects/ukstore.woa/9894042/wo/f544iQWSftgo2HvIT1F14IldEes/ stock seems to change daily enjoy
  10. jungle mania is behind mac D on greenland road, i think its a bit small, Alphabet zoo last time we went was lookin a bit scraggy, and last parties we been to have been at pirate ship near hillsboro, just dont go when a match on
  11. Have tried it 3 times now, and managed to get free tickets every time. Each time thinking it must get better than this, sorry it doesnt, there is no atmosphere, amd i dont know if thats because you are indoors or because you cant go out on back garden and recreate it, likewise basketball, stock car racing, speedway (all sports that sheffield got a reasonable side in) it may well be genetic programming, nothin beats football no matter whether it Weds / Utd / sheffield Fc or Stocksbridge, will happily ooooh and ahhhh at all of them
  12. decided on who to use to sell ours by how helpful the estate agents were to us as buyers, if that makes sense, cos if we felt happy buying from them, then surely we should feel happy them selling for us. Haybrooks sold for us, blundells told us to expect nearly 25% less than what we eventually were offered, and i thought their valuer was arrogant. I dont know if Lewis Wadsworth are still in business, but i would'nt trust them to sell a glass of water to a thirsty man. (my opinion not that of sheffield forum). have also heard that some branches of Halifax dont seem interested in promoting a property as well as other ones.
  13. if you want to email it to me i will convert it to a text file and send it back, alternatively you need open office (free download) or a word doc viewer which will let you see it and potentially print it download link here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=95E24C87-8732-48D5-8689-AB826E7B8FDF&displaylang=en
  14. I am really glad that this is the only thing the government has got to worry about, and there isn't a couple of wars on or an ever present terrorist threat, or kids getting abused and killed, or "allegedly" a planet warming up so quick that Holland will disappear in 50 years. No best to concentrate on people sharing files over the internet, which as is stated above totally un police'able, if not for any other reason that its currently against the law for an ISP to monitor what you are doing online anyway.
  15. depends how much u want to pay, and if you need it to tell u what the track title is, have personally got an ipod nano 4gb, which does everythin i want that one above looks fairly good though, but doesnt look like shows album/track title.
  16. you need a program called Vundo fix, that will sort it in one hit try this link http://www.softpedia.com/get/Antivirus/VundoFix.shtml might help changing you anti virus software as well, most of the free ones miss vundo type problems
  17. but that would throttle the bandwith the card needs and result in lesser performance, i would also be concerned on the stability, (although it does look a good idea)
  18. on ebuyer the one i got is ref number 138786 its 25 quid plus delivery. and its good enough for me to play most games at decent quality levels. But you need to check that you motherboard has got a pci express slot, this isnt a standard PCI slot its totally diferent
  19. which is why i said "as far as i can tell" no viruses have got through, I stay permanently connected to internet and seeing as one of the symptoms of infection would be that the PC would slow down and its not doing i am quite happy. i have also run adaware and vundofix and they have reported nothing, when i used one of the freebie ones these two programs would still find stuff . Its just my opinion and you dont have to agree with it
  20. well its not affected performance and as far as i can tell no virus's have got through, while i can still browse any site i like without any annoying popups
  21. am using norton 360 and its great ( although i genreally hate norton products )
  22. depends what ports you got on your motherboard if only AGP you limited, if PCI Ex more options, I paid 25 quid for a 8400GS from Ebuyer and its gr8
  23. 250 tops, may be better selling the bits on their own cos u might get a bit more, monitor might fetch 75 quid, hard drives are worth prob 50 each, just my opinion though
  24. if you are having problems there is a morse code type of fault code in the beeps from the Pc built in speaker that should help
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