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  1. Think my dad was in Y&L I know he did his stint in Germany, Ray Steer
  2. Glassy and opaque, any chance it could be glass
  3. Thanks for your help everyone, quick update now not crashed for 2 days. checked memory and cpu both loaded and fine hdd reports 3 errors seatools cant fix. does anyone know of any other disc tool ?
  4. Hdd probably older still but the post freezes between CPU and memory not at Hdd And chkdsk is fine
  5. jumperless board, so fairly safe on that but thanks ok run stress test on cpu for 20 mins tested hdd, not frozen however before did test was on firefox on sky website with msn open and froze again. its the randomness thats confusing as is the fail to start at POST
  6. thanks, will try that, no problems with capacitors. very dusty so just had a go at it with dyson lol
  7. Well this one is confusing the living hell out of me, think know the problem but let me know your thoughts. My PC is about 4 years old its an AMD x2 4800, 3gb ram, GTS250 graphics card Windows 7 (genuine), good air supply and running around 40-50 degrees C All of a sudden it has started freezing, generally when playing facebook type games, but also can happen middle of night when not actually using it. when it freezes you can only fix by pressing reset, even caps lock light on keyboard doesnt come on if you press it so major lock up. - my thought on soultion, anti virus and anti malware, nothing, so uninstalled flash player using adobes flash uninstaller, no change, same problem. To confuse matters more when I do press reset sometimes it freezes before the memory check at POST, but no beeps. I then have to turn it off at the psu for a couple of minutes turn it back on and we are away again. MY thought is 4 year old so motherboard / processor / memory could do with changing. Your thoughts please
  8. sorted thanks tad embarassing to be honest didnt realise on the gts 250 it needed 2 molex supplies, also didnt clean out all the old drivers before updating search driver sweeper if you are having problems its great and free (need to run in safe mode though)
  9. This one has beaten me. Last month I updated my 8400GS graphics card to a GTS250 512mb bought from Ebuyer. I have upgraded graphics before so knew to uninstall all old drivers and install new from scratch. Did all that plus the bundled ASUS software one of which was a driver but as it was older than the nvidia website driver i didnt install that. Game performance was fantastic, however the system would randomly freeze or lock up on desktop applications, especially firefox. Spoke to Ebuyer they suggested it was the card and to return it. ( interestingly the card is no longer listed for sale on their site now). But have now put the 8400 back in and am still getting the odd random freeze and system hanging for 10 mins. Rest of Specs: athlon64 4800 x2, 2GB Ram, Windows Vista 32 bit. Any thoughts, would be appreciated thanks
  10. you wont be able to just re install another 60 day trial though, they have ways of stopping that
  11. does speed fan say that the cpu temp is high?
  12. 1890ish the housing of the working classes act, kicked it all off, http://www.channel4.com/history/microsites/H/history/guide19/timeline101.html
  13. I am looking to buy a new digital compact camera. Needs to be point and clock I dont want to have to mess around with settings to get a good snap I am looking for something with 8mp + (viewing back on a hd tv). The camera I have at the mo is rubbish at taking "action" shots. Dont trust shops so an unbiased opinion would be great. thanks
  14. try tomtoms website they provide really good free technical support http://www.tomtom.com/
  15. which version of windows are u using
  16. pop3 means you can pick up email from your broadband provider such as BT or talk talk webmail is hotmail type of accounts
  17. on the q9 debate, surely it should be relative to the mothers size . and if we can class eggs as a baby i think its the kiwi bird.
  18. photos any folding money. can of beer, cos it tastes crap when its warm
  19. to be honest I have hated the bloated badly designed hard to use resource eatin pile of crap that WAS norton. however the new one is really good, dunno what its detection rate is but i havent been struck down by a virus and i do the social networking / downloadin / webmailing that is supposed to make you prone to virusses. so eventhough it hurts to say it Norton for me..... you can always go down the 30 day trial route
  20. statistically you are safer on motorways than on minor roads, but please if you arent over taking dont use the middle lane, as that does cause problems
  21. was worried about doin this when managed to crack mine but bought one of ebay and it is really easy just 5 screws to undo. cost about a tenner and i have now got a mat black facia, think will change it again soon
  22. looked at the 1080 option but read a review on that site and it warned agains cos the quality would actually be worse than watchin a standard tv
  23. I just got this one from Dixons online and i think its great http://www.dixons.co.uk/martprd/store/dix_page.jsp?page=Product&sku=986557&camp_id=ppc_tvcamp__32LG3000_E&gclid=CLmvtvqk6ZgCFQyjQwodMSd-zw&source_id=aw use DELTV in checkout code for free delivery and FEB2 for an extra 2% discount
  24. instafink is a browser helper object, something like adaware by lavasoft (free download) should get shut of it. might be better to restart in safe mode and then run it to be doubly sure
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