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  1. Me too........Zinc Spray helped my pulled shoulder!
  2. Council have got a thing together I think to get electric for a community. Has anyone changed to this, hows it working out etc......... Council can be pretty shoddy so would like an opinion. But prices could be alot better, ta.
  3. Ahhh signin thing isnt goin great...... Theres suddenly a SAVE SHEFF TREES meeting that night so gonna av to cancel again Gareth! Hummpphh but want to be involved in this! Try in a couple of weeks...as nxt week will be recovering from last festy of the season lol...Ta
  4. Ahhh cant make now sorry. But next week or so can I sign up with plus 1 & its £4?? Friend is broke so need to tell them, ta Gareth
  5. Thanx Gareth! Can that be plus 1?, I'm hoping to bring my partner n get him back into playing....x
  6. Not been for couple of years n wanted to start again. Is it at Ponds forge this week and at 8pm as used to be.....??? Sam
  7. Havent been for couple of years n cant see a thread as used to use..... And how much is it now pls?? Sam x
  8. Jus wondering if anyone had any one for Sheffield......? Ta
  9. Last Yard Sale of the Summer........ 2-7pm, The Cremorne! Real ale & home cooked food all day, collect pizza credits to for free pizza! This time, Urban Pixie Jewellery & headwear Medicine Show - Upcycled/altered clothing 2nd Hand Clothes & bric-a-brac Recycled Cards New giftware & jewellery...... Yard covered so no worries Music evening on afterwards too
  10. Oh dear heee...... The Cremorne, London Road, Sheffield Can walk if you were getting a bus to bottom of The Moor..... ---------- Post added 31-05-2015 at 10:17 ---------- Yard Sale still on.......sheltered/covered yard! Weather sue to pick up alittle before 2pm ---------- Post added 31-05-2015 at 10:18 ---------- Yard Sale still on.......sheltered/covered yard! Weather due to pick up before 2pm
  11. Yard Sale from 2 - 7pm, The Cremorne.....great real ale & food all day.....(from 12) Yard is sheltered, just in case, no worries Recycled cards Hand-made Jewellery 2nd Hand Clothes Bags Vintage clothes Bric-a-brac & more Collect free pizza tokens with each pint/half Music on later.....
  12. Ah rite, friends have started a new pizza company 'SunshinePizzaOven' ! Their on Facebook as that too, if your interested.....
  13. Haa, yeh been meaning to get intouch Bassett one, been reet busy...... Have to have 1st Aug weekend off so can do Lowedges
  14. Hi, sorry for late reply......... Yes, the nxt Yard Sale is Sunday 31st May - 2 - 7pm Different stalls each time, but I sell surplus crafting materials I have(have too much for my small flat), ask if anything u need and I maybe able to dig out..! Good quality 2nd hand clothes, silver jewellery & dress jewellery Gifts Bags 50p bargain box etc etc Soon will know nature of other stalls for nxt time...
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