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  1. Hi I use a lady in S12, who is really good Where about do you live Regards Nichola
  2. Hi there Google Sparkle Sheffield, they are really good and based in Sheffield Theres also the Sheffield Parent Forum based at St Mary's Church Hope this is of some help Regards Nichola
  3. Hi all We are after some advice please We need a dual fly wheel clutch fitting for our 2.2 Honda CRV The prices we have been quoted vary quite a lot, so we are wanting a good reliable garage that will do a job, and won't rip us off The garage needs to be near S12 Many thanks in advance Nichola
  4. Thank you for the information Really appreciate it
  5. Advice wanted please We are looking at upgrading our car, we currently have a Honda CRV 2008 exec model.. Our caravan is a Sterling Europa 2005 and the Honda tows it like a dream.. Me and my husband have spent hours re-searching veichles, checking kerb wights etc, match my car to my caravan, caravan club, practical caravanning We have visited several car dealers for some advice, and they all have told us something different, so we are rather fed-up and frustrated We have looked at Freelanders, Kia Sportage, Hyundai IX35, Nissan Xtrail and the Ford Kuga 2.0 litre, Automatic with a good spec We like the look of the Kuga, and the Sportage because of the warranty Can any of you kind experienced caravaners, share your thoughts please, before we go mad Many thanks Nichola :)
  6. Hi all We have a Sterling Europa 2005 touring caravan And we are looking at upgrading our car, we currently have a Honda CRV 2008 model Which we really like, and it tows the caravan really well I have looked at a lot of the larger SUVs, but the kerb weight, and towing capacity isn't great What would you buy?? And why?? Many thanks Nichola
  7. Thank you for your advice Much appreciated Regards Nichola
  8. Hi all My daughter is 13, and wants to take up photography, basic photos, landscapes, trees etc I am looking at getting her a used digital SLR camera, does anyone have any advice or ideas on what and where to buy, I have looked on Ebay, and I know Harrisons sell used ones I don't want to have to pay a lot, if she then decides its not for her Any advice greatly appreciated Kind regards Nichola
  9. Check out Rain Rescue They do an amazing job rescuing dogs and cats
  10. Hi there Here is our web-site http://www.rainbowshouse.co.uk, and also the link to our latest CQC report We achieved good in the 5 key areas We do PA hours and support as well for young people with learning disabilties We have a Facebook page, where families leave Feedback Please feel free to give me a call to discuss the matter further Regards Nichola
  11. Hi all ? A BIG THANKYOU To the wonderful team at Rainbows House, for all their support in making our open day a success ? And to one of our families who came to see us, and who stayed and spoke with a potential new family ? It's a privilege to work with such an enthusiastic and talented team ? I'm very proud of them Exciting times lay ahead for Rainbows House I am really excited to be working in Partnership with a local college to develop and create meaningful support and educational packages for individuals ? Watch this space Keep following the Rainbow ?? Please get in touch if you want to come and visit, and see what we have to offer
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