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  1. Does anybody know why you can't go to the loo in a bar these days without being hassled for money? Do bar owners genuinly think this is a good idea or are these people there out of intimidation? Are bar owners scared to turn them away in fear of the consequences? I travel quite a bit and have noticed these people in every town/city I go out in.
  2. P.S. All the attractive girls are tend to come from somewhere else i.e. students.
  3. Hi All My job takes me all over the country. Sheffield used to be good but these days (since christmas) the women are rougher than the men. I go out drinking in places like Revolution, Forum, Takapunas, Bai Hoi....all the usual non chav places. I expect lots of rough girls in towns but Sheffield is a city!
  4. I havent posted for a while and feel the need to be controversial. However, I do feel the need to vent my frustration now the students have gone. Next time you go out on a Friday or Saturday night, count the number of attractive women you see - I never get past 10 all night. There are plenty of average and even more totally unattractive. I am after objective views here - not a hate mob!
  5. For cheap, quality chinese in a trendy environment, you cannot beat East One near Revolution.
  6. Its a good looking bar on the outside but cheap and tacky within. (my opinion). Not a good first impression. As for drinks, I can't remember.
  7. 'Let the woman go - you have three seconds to comply'
  8. This wouldnt happen with ROBOCOP!
  9. I feel for the gays in sheffield as there is nowhere decent to go out. A girl I'm seeing has a gay friend and we ended up in dempsies one night last week. The place is a dive.
  10. I agree with owdlad. Although, if you go to this place on a regular basis and havent seen anything 'unusual' then it is fair to assume it is straight.
  11. I apologise for patronising you but you called me a moron, therefore I felt justified in my action. Why do you people (Wiggles, P...t..gg whatever and yourself) not get the concept? And if the motorway is quiet, why is the lorry in the middle lane? Anyway, you can travel at 70mph in any lane. I said nothing about the right be in that lane and if your car is so underpowered then yes, it is inferior. Do you have a problem with the fact that your car is inferior to a Porsche? It seems to me that this is more an argument about womens rights than motorway rights.
  12. I imagine it makes sitting down unbearable for a while and is probably the best target for someone who only wants to hurt their victim - the modern gang warfare equivalent to a slap no doubt!
  13. Considering you've quoted me, I don't understand how you could arrive at the conclusion that I think people in Citroens shouldnt be in the outside lane. As its school holidays, I'll make an assumption that you're a child and let you off. However, Citroens should be allowed to travel at 70mph in which ever lane they choose but if the motorway is clear, certain cars should be able to travel faster - and I'm not talking about 150mph, more like 100mph tops - again - for sports cars only.
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