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  1. So I am guessing that I can't use my SIV card anymore then?
  2. I've got a PS4 and thinking of investing in a PS Vita, mainly for remote play. My question for anyone who has both consoles is can you only play a game remotely if he disc is in the PS4? I've not bought any games digitally as I can find them cheaper for physical copies so if I was away on holiday and using my PS Vita for remote play would I be able to play all my games or just the one I left in the PS4?
  3. Can anyone recommend someone who can do fencing, decking and patios? We'll be supplying our own fence panels and paving slabs just need someone to install the concrete posts and do the decking, lay the patio.
  4. Just wondered if anyone has heard of or used Abacus Gardens based in Sheffield?
  5. Thanks for your reply! That sound promising then, we're also with YBS so hopefully we'll get some sort of offers even though we earn about 25% less than we did when we got the original deal.
  6. We are coming to the end of a 2 years fixed term mortgage deal but in those two years we've had a baby and my wife now works part time so we earn less than we did when we got the deal initially. Is it general practice that if you stick with your bank or building society that gave you the initial deal / mortgage they sold be able to give you another fixed term deal despite your drop in wages? I'm terrified of having to go in a variable rate. Also, the mortgage advisor we need to speak to at our building society has gone on holiday so we can't actually ask them directly which is why I thought I would post on here to see if anyone had an idea.
  7. Apparently Blockbusters no longer offer games for rental anymore. Is there anywhere else that does? Looking to get Battlefield 4 tomorrow from somewhere.
  8. Thanks, that's what I thought it was. Are they still safe to use?
  9. We've been sterilising our bottle teats using Milton tablets for the past 7 weeks. The baby is using them fine but I've just bought some new ones, to replace a lost one, and I have noticed that the ones we have been using for the past 7 weeks have discoloured quite a lot in that they are no longer clear and look quite foggy / milky. I assume that this is due to them being in Milton all day... does any one know if this is dangerous at all to the baby? Should the teats be replaced once they aren't clear any more?
  10. I am going out to a few clubs in London and want to wear my sand coloured khakis with a purple shirt. However, I have no idea what coloured shoes go with them- any ideas? I am aware that this is a very bizarre question :-)
  11. I've got a picture message that has been sent to me and saved it to 'Device Storage' but how do I actually get to this within the phone?!
  12. Has it re-opened? I have heard rumours......
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