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  1. RESULT!!! thanks SupraSteve. Since downloading the AVG thing no weird things happening on laptop any more. Many thanks. Much appreciated. Any chance you are such an expert on the vodafone blackberry pearl? just got one from work, took it into the vodafone shop on fargate for a demo and they'd never seen one before so could not help. Great having the gadgets, but not so great when you don't know how to use em! Yours sincerely Technophobes R us
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! Had forgotten how helpful people on here are. It's all far too technical for me but have managed to download the AVG stuff so hopefully this will help. Thanks again!
  3. Not been on the forum for ages so apols if posting in wrong place. When I am connected to the internet at home, via Talk Talk broadband and work provided laptop, keep getting the run menu opening with loads of numbers appearing followed by .exewinser. If I don't close it down in time it opens a black screen which has things like cmd get program or something like that. And then sometimes an anti virus menu pops up which says no virus found. What is happening????/ Any suggestions?
  4. Having same problems in West Point (Trippet Lane/West Street). Just since Friday I think.
  5. Have never managed to get a taste for Red Bull. I can smell it a mile off and it turns my stomach, esp if late at night!!!! Stella is bad news. Thought my workmates were having a laugh when they called it "wife beaters", but have had a couple or three bad experiences and never again! It's got to be Bolly all the way Daaahhhling! Or Champagne cocktails. (But only if you're paying!)
  6. Try the auction pages on http://www.lateescapes.com. Got four star accomm in Tenerife for £100 each! Other guests had paid £400. The price listed is for the total holiday, not per person. Last time i looked they had mainland Spain for about £50 each. Unfortunately, Tenerife was not the place I remembered it from my first holiday away at 18!! Or perhaps I wasn't as fussy then!
  7. My bag arrived!!!!! And it's gorgeous!!!
  8. Always been 100% faithful!!! am now single, have lots of mates in relationships where one of them has not been. But would rather be single than living a lie! (and no, didn't break up with ex because of infidelity) Surely if you want to get off with someone else there's something wrong with current relationship so why continue????
  9. Contact leisure services at the council - loadsa stuff going on
  10. indoors or outdoors? Tudor Square is good outdoor space and as public highway you don't need permission unless causing obstruction. Used to deal with similar kinds of requests in previousb life!! pm me with more details.
  11. Kylie! or Davina!!!! and just think how much I could sell my story for . . . . .
  12. Cheers Kitty! I actually think it's quite a good ad, though not good enough to make me watch it. And the weirdest thing is the ad has now just come on tv!!!! And after much searching have found the website! It's http://www.commercialbreaksandbeats.co.uk. Didn't give me the emmerdale answer but a good site for future reference! [Edited by Tony Ruscoe - fixed link]
  13. posted an earlier message asking what the song was on the current emmerdale ad (day's dawning, skin's crawling . . . ) then remembered a site I once found where you could type in the name of the ad/or trailer and they would find the song for you. Can't find it anywhere! Anyone know what it is? Is it still there? Am gutted, as this site is how I discovered Royksopp. Started off hearing their music on ads, found them on the site couple of years ago and culminated in me seeing their top set in Glasto this year. ps feel i must make it clear I like the emmerdale ad music but don't watch emmerdale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. just read an old thread which mentioned Sinatra's. Please remind me where it was? I have vague memory of it being a part of my life but have no memory of what it was. How bad is that?
  15. MHOTY, GBU, TVM;) Got a certificate for French and German, do I now get one for messageboardology? Not quite sure I'll ever use ICL (In Christian Love) though:lol:
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