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  1. Pretty sure same operation would have worked in any other city. Prob failed here due to the Tories and austerity cuts...
  2. Seems a bit of a fail to aim this insult at the right when people like Prescott and Kinnock are classic gammon faces.
  3. Plenty of salty gammon faces on the left if you mention Thatcher.
  4. Will StopFundingHate now be urging people to boycott Brendan Cox for giving an interview to The Mail?
  5. I see the Guardian is currently silent on this issue...
  6. Has the Labour MP that allegedly raped Bex Bailey resigned yet?
  7. Gangs of men that used to hang around the peace gardens trying to chat up girls that were often well under 16. Was reported widely on here at the time.
  8. I wonder if the "cheesy men in the peace gardens" were ever successful in their attempts at grooming despite the fact that some people on here wanted to pretend that nothing was happening.
  9. I would say people with cash prefer Manchester or Leeds over Meadowhall and don't care about parking costs.
  10. Too far from Bargain Booze and all the idiots that fund their lifestyle more like.
  11. Would there be as many beggars at all hours if accommodation like the Victoria Street flats was located well outside of the City Centre?
  12. Beggars rejoice! So easy for them to intimidate freshers out of money though of course all beggars are nice and polite according to some on this forum...
  13. This. Also a mistake to have problem residents housed so close to the city centre.
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