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  1. Admin please delete if not allowed. Dear the good people of sheffield im trying to help a friend on a small budget get the items she needs for her wedding she has not go time to save due to her parnter been terminally ill. I was just wanting to know if anybody knows anywhere where she can get the following cheap thankyou, :flowers 1 bride 9 bridesmaid :cars :dj thankyou very much for taking you time to read this post x
  2. on facebook if you send me your email address could send you a pic
  3. There is a border collie found in harthill but suppose its too far from where you are?
  4. Depression is something no body will ever really understand untill they have been there, when your feeling at your lowest remember what good you have done in your lifes you have had children which is 1 of the biggest accomplishments of life. theres also the samaritans who are there to listen 24 hours a day,but please speak to your GP it dont sound like the medication your on is suited to you, at the end of the day taking your on life will hurt your husband and children and may even put them in the situation your in now
  5. looking for a good mobile mechanic work must be done where the car is thanks
  6. which lockwood is that? my gran used to lived with her grandma sarah lockwood
  7. Thats my family lockwoods that lived there if any1 would like some of the information i hold on the lockwoods feel free to contact me
  8. I think its really funny how kids seem to pick up the words they shouldn't the other day my partner called me a fat cow messing about after pinchin 1 of his choclates my 2 year old now says come here now fat cow when he wants me oh dear he also calls me big bob when he is angry think it could be is word for ba**ard lol.. the other day i shown in the video clip on youtube of charlie bit me ... is little brother is called charlie so now he tells me everyday that charlie bit me and that really hurt . Also when you go to change is nappy now he tells you to get off is tail:| how embarrasing
  9. yeh might go with your idea zebra. sounds like the most convient way of gettin about and i reckon its gonna be a little girl this pregnancy is so diffrent from when i was carryin mckenzie
  10. cheers every1 i was thinking about a tandem 1 for public transport as i do rely on it quite alot and i know how much a struggle it is with 1 pram sooo i dunno im confussed shud be at jellytots nt this week week after due to docs appointments etc
  11. im pregnant with my second child my son will be 15 month when the new baby is born (thats if this decides to come on time) and i was wondering if eneyone can suggest some cheapish pram shops i ideally want a pram thats 1 behind the other and of course 1 of the seats as to be suitable from birth and the other 6 month. any suggestions would be grate thanks
  12. yeh he had good fun but its tiered me out more than im lol es still wanting to play
  13. hiya just wanna say thankyou to every1 for making me and mckenzie feel welcome today and we should be back next week opfully
  14. just wanna say thanks to every1 for makin me and mckenzie feel welcome and ill opefully be there on wed as partner got day off on mon
  15. hi everybody thanks for all your replies where exactly is jellytots im orginally from rotherham so just finding my feet in sheffield lol also could i have more information eg; time price days thankyou very much x
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