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  1. Only saw snippets of the game, and the final summing up but it appears it was a game the owls dominated in the first half and Cardiff threw the kitchen sink at us in the second, eventually getting the equilizer. We had an hour as joint leaders, if that keeps some happy, and we came away with a point from a ground where many teams have lost this season. We,re in the mix and theres a long way to go, lets get on with it starting with the next two home games.
  2. No doubt Foresteri will play some part in the game , whether he starts only GM knows . I would not change the defence even if Lees is fit and would go 4-4-2. or play Luongo behind the front two in a 4-3-1-2 My team would be Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Palmer Reach Luongo Bannan Harris Fletcher Foresteri I don,t see us losing and to get three points would be a good result, i,ll sit on the fence and say 1-1. For the optimist out there win by two goals and we have a few hours in top spot.
  3. My thought was there should be dayilght between attacker and defender, similar thing. At the end of the day its the officials opinion we,er all humans and make mistakes. When they go for us it,s alright when they go against us we don,t like it. Although it can be costly.
  4. A wIn is a win even though wigan made it hard work for us. We now have ten days to work on GM,s tactics before going to Cardiff to see what NW has up his sleeve for us. Three points of top spot and with a bit of luck could now be out in front,
  5. A game we should be winning, but will we, of course we will 2-0.
  6. Winnall in for Fletcher makes sense, don't need to burn him out. His fitness does have to be managed not like previously having to play when not fully fit. Owls to win.
  7. R.I.P Rita, condolenses to family and friends a 100% Owl. you will be sadly missed.
  8. Agree with your view, same again will do for me.
  9. I remember them going a goal down to Blackburn, winning 5-1 at HT before coming out 5-4 winners early sixties.
  10. Cannot remember the last time we went in at HT having scored four, and away from home. Sounds like someone is getting booed off.
  11. No doubt that was a gritty performance from the blades, but more like that and it could prove to be very costly, why you may ask easy they,ll be chairman out there who will be putting the feelers out on the availability of CW. Money talks. Well done blades
  12. Nearly is not good enough Ian, but I,ll keep trying. With the players we have at our disposal now it,s Westwood +ten to be honest. It,s all about opinions.
  13. I should imagine we will be back to a more familiar line up something like. Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Palmer Reach Hutchinson Luongo Harris Fletcher Winnall On bench, Dawson , Fox , Murphy Lee , Bannan, Rhodes, Nuhiu Both teams looking for a settled side , certainly won,t be a thriller a draw does look a fair bet , but if we are to stay in the pack it,s a game we need to win.
  14. Bad night at office. GM has work to do.
  15. How many changes will GM make and i don,t think anyone can answer it. I would start by giving Dawson a game, Westwood probably needs a rest. I personally think he could have done better with Fulhams goal. A back four of Odubajo, Bates , Thorniley, and Fox, a midfield of , Lee,Pelupessy Luongo and Reach, with Nuhiu partnering Winnall up front. Nowhere near our strongest side but surely these players will be chomping at the bit to show GM what they can do. On the bench Jones, Baker,Palmer, Borner, Murphy, Bannan, Rhodes that gives him a look at what is available to him and he can take it from there. Forgetting our rivals have already softened them up for us in the last few days therefore Owls to win 2-1
  16. Got promoted with Fulham in my first full season as a fan, drawing 2-2 at home and losing 6-2 at the cottage, lets reverse that score and do it again.
  17. Nice one Jim, they don,t give anything away without a catch. So you got 28/1 over the counter , think i,ll have some of that you win both ways , either a good pick up or a blades loss.
  18. Hi Jim , If you are looking at oddschecker you will see that above the named betting company there is a figure of £30 this is free bets once you have signed up and to the left it says sign up offer. To get the 28/1 you have to sign up.
  19. Only if you stake £30 Jim. It is a sign up offer.
  20. The most difficult game of the season so far. If we play to our strengths , ( using the wide men) then we have a chance. I would take a point now.
  21. It,s looking like we,ll start in a 4-4-2 formation, with Reach alongside Fletcher and if necessary he can drop back into midfield to make it a five, our thats how i see it. No place for Rhodes in the eighteen uuuummh.
  22. Be interesting to see what team GM puts out and the formation. We now have a manager and players who on there day are capable of putting on a performance . I see no reason why we cannot come away with at least a point , Udders have not got off to a flyer and like ourselves have a new manager so they will be up for it aswell. I can see goals and a 2-2 draw being the outcome.
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