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  1. I have to agree, what is the point if you are not trying to compete with the best.
  2. Chris Coleman should be alright, he is three-year young er than Chris Wilder.
  3. Hi Padders, Eric Taylor refered to it as the "Yoyo years" Owls had three relegations 1951,1955,1958 and three promotions 52,56, 59 each relegation followed by promotion the following year.. My first visit to S6 was easter monday 1958 On my third visit i experienced relegation. How exiting..
  4. Belated Happy birthday, Padders
  5. I said months ago it would be a long time before we are treated to a derby game at league level and i still stand by what i said. The Blades were worthy promotion winners, but i go along with the bookmakers who make them odds on favourites to come straight back down. Before SB decided to leave for greener pastures i was very optimistic of promotion for the Owls, i am sure if we can get the right man in then we have a squad who can still deliver, So for me i see the clubs swapping places and the same could happen for seasons to come, back to the yoyo years.
  6. Reading between the lines it,s Bully,s job if he wants it . It appears that a decision will be made when they return from Germany , and he has spoken with DC. or at least thats how i read it. There is no doubt he has the respect of the players and he has been around the club long enough to know what everyone wants especially the fans. I would think in the time he has been coaching and assisting other managers he now knows the ropes to take on the role of manager, we have a decent squad of players and i,m sure LB will have his own ideas of how we go about being competetive and gaining promotion. We could do far worse than giving LB the job and I for one won,t be to disappointed if he gets it, even though my choice was Hughton or Jocanovic. Lets just get it sorted and get on with the job.
  7. For anyone who fancies Lee Bullen to get the job, the 6/1 at Hills to a £30 stake seems good value compared to the 6/4 offered by Paddy Power. My money is in my pocket.
  8. Word has it Ashley has coughed up £4 million. ( The Sun) True of false lets get the show on the road.
  9. Now it,s official Owls are "Back in Black" Louder lads Louder let them hear it in S2.
  10. I would think that iF SB does take up the position at Newcastle then DC should charge him for his ten day jolly in the Algarve on all inclusive. and his cronies.
  11. Whether he stays, and i hope he does or goes there is a job to be done, lets get on with it. W.A.W.A.W
  12. Just listening to Radio 2 and the Newcastle fans have done a survey on which Bruce they want to be next manager. First is Ken, second Fiona, third is Robert and last is Steve . I think just this once i,ll go along with them, keep your hands off you thieving magpies.
  13. He knows how to pocket yellows and reds, that is for sure. By end of september with him and Hutch we,ll have forty points on the board Not for me.
  14. At the end of the day CW is only an employee, a very good employee, and chairman can be brutal, very brutal when things are not going to plan. Who is to say if in the first couple of months results are not what the chairman see,e as acceptable and decides a change is needed, unlikely but it can happen. As someone has already said CW has a family to consider and money can and does make life a lot easier , who is to say he would not jump for the right offer, alot on here would and i would be one of them. Only he knows what is the right decision.
  15. Speaking hypothetically if the prize was to be promotion, then lets make the pot bottomless.
  16. Always gave 100%. Good luck for the future Tommy. You can always get a drink from an Owl that,s for sure.
  17. Hope this is a new start for JR. If anyone can get the best out of him it, s SB,
  18. I saw that myself , AB did say that no more tickets would be on sale till further notice. Although did not say why. Good luck to those who are lucky enough to get one.
  19. Rather see Geno Washington in Sheffield.
  20. I await with bated breath., but nothing here sends the heart racing.
  21. Looks like another loophole exposed. Eventually the EFL are going to say, Do what you want with your income and forget P and S, which i agree with, CLUBS SHOULD DO WHAT THEY WANT WITH THERE MONEY, BUT KEEP THERE HOUSE IN ORDER, if it goes belly up don,t come running to us to bail you out. There are a lot of clubs out there who are living on the edge of the cliff, eventually one will go over and more will follow. This is only my opinion.
  22. Whether he stays or leaves, and i would like to see him stay. SB will have all the bases covered, i ,m sure.
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