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  1. Some think Monk is bad they should have experienced Burtenshaw and Ashurst. Sorry for jogging your memory. ๐Ÿ˜‹
  2. That's about right, as for the barren 70,s less said the better SP.
  3. Well I, m calling it a draw till next season. Enjoy what's left of this one if you can.
  4. I would rather City win 6-0, than win and draw the blades in the next round, because this team could not handle "dem blades" on recent form. I never ever said anything of that nature before believe me.
  5. Rubbish, that's me for this season. These players are not good enough.
  6. Time to go, keep Waghorn on the leash and we,ll be o.k . Owls to win 2-1 and stay to the final whistle.
  7. Of course it will Jim, the doubters will have us relegated before we can say Jackie Robinson.๐Ÿ˜
  8. Certainly an improvement, put those opprtunities away, otherwise more of the same for the rest of the season and fans will be happy .
  9. Need a good performance to get the fans onside, Owls to win 2-0 and everyone goes home happy.
  10. In all walks of life you will not motivate a millionaire, they either want to do it or don,t , unfortunately ours dont.
  11. Exactly the reason i put it on. He owns everything , thats why i asked the question whats it say in the deeds i cannot find anything on if an owner wants to sell.
  12. Is there anywhere in the clubs deeds saying Hillsborough will always be home of SWFC, or as sole owner does DC have to sell it as a going concern ( a football club) or could we finish up with a supermarket or housing estate.
  13. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diego_Della_Valle Diego Della Valle net worth: $1.9 Billion Diego Della Valle Net Worth: Diego Della Valle is an Italian entrepreneur who has a net worth of $1.9 billion. Born on December 30, 1953 in Sant'Elpidio a Mare, Italy, he has continued the family tradition of shoemaking together with his brother Andrea Della Valle. His grandfather, Filippo Della Valle, established a shoemaking business in the 20s, and later, his father, Dorino Della Valle, led the company. Eventually, the family business came in the hands of the brothers, and Diego was eager enough to expand the family tradition into the now well-known Tod's in 1978. The Italian leather company is active in making luxury shoes and purses, which is successfully growing because of the increased sales of 14% in China and Hong Kong. A graduate of Law in the University of Bologna who left his law career in order to maintain the family tradition, Diego now serves as Chairman and CEO of Tod's, and together with his brother Andrea, they own 56% of the company's shares. Moreover, the Della Valle duo is a part of Piaggio & S.p.A. with 2% shares and of Bialetti Industrie SpA with 11% shares, and they also own stakes in the luxurious eyewear company Marcolin and in the U.S. retailer Saks. In addition to his interests, Diego sits on the boards of numerous companies like Banca Nacionales del Lavoro, Maserati, Ferrari and LVHM. Also, he has donated $33 million to renovations of crumbling Coliseum in Rome. What's more, Diego is the person who attacked Silvio Berlusconi publicly for over-taxing large businesses and not supporting the small ones. f he is able to restore the Colosseum then Hillsborough should be a piece of cake.
  14. Lost for words is an under statement, as Ian says how many goals do we give away late on in a game, and our s are proving to be costly. On our present form a point is a decent result, it's how it came that makes it disappointing. At least we showed some fighting spirit coming back twice in the game. Cannot say I was happy with G M team selection, Forestieri lone striker, when we have four on the bench, his problem not mine.
  15. Two wingers and a five foot nothing centre forward starting the game and three six foot plus centre forwards on the bench, beggers believe.
  16. How can anybody have any confidence in a team of non triers, another loss and Owls 0. Would be what we would think but i,ll try and be positive and say we may grab a point with tinted glasses.
  17. Was there SP it was my elevnth birthday present for the 3rd Feb. David Briggs played in the first game. I was mascot for the next home game against PNE we won 5-1 . Ron Springett took me onto the pitch. Oh happy days.
  18. I was a fan of all three moreso Rhodes, ( he just has not performed for us) but the manager has decided for one reason or another it,s time to move on , so lets give him our support. As we stand anything is possible promotion,relegation is also a possibility , knowone knows what the outcome of our EFL charge will be it,s all speculation at this time. Like many on the site i,m fully behind a clear out ,but i also like many think GM has been left holding the bad set of cards and a full house looks very unlikely, he certainly is holding no aces. he just has to play with what he,s been dealt. All that,s left to say is get on with it GM.
  19. R. I. P Harry, l was privileged to see him a couple of times and often wonder would we have scored seven that cold night in Feb 1961 if Harry had played.
  20. This club is sinking faster than the Bismark and for all the good of DC,s intentions, and he has , little is happening, which shows on the field. As the saying goes, " While the cats away the mice will play" there should be someone permanently at the club who is able to to see to the day to day running of the club at top level. I do not doubt DC,s ability as a businessman but SWFC is all i,m interested in either spend more time at the club of which i am led to believe he his limited to do or he has to delegate responsibility.( being on the other end of a phone or sending emails does not get the job done quickly) This appears to be another wasted season for the fans and if this carries on it could turn out to be even longer. The ball is in your half DC. the backing is there just give us a team worthy of our support.
  21. Think it,s time for DC to make a statement has to what is happening at our club and what lies ahead. All this uncertainty/rumours just does not help anyone.
  22. Your next lamb to the slaughter would be, who.
  23. We keep hearing all the rumours of what is going on at our club, but if there is a problem between manager and players (and i do believe it to be true) then why cannot the club captain get involved , Surely in his position he his there representative and the voice of the players who if they feel they are being scapegoated he should mediate on there behalf. I fully understand why the club would want to keep this under wraps, but lets be knowing the truth before we take sides. is my view.
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