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  1. R.I.P Johnny , always gave what he had for the team and the fans would respomd with the song " THE MIGHTY QUINN" Condolences to family and friends. Not forgetting his ALLSTARS.
  2. A good performance and got the result it deserved, now lets keep it going, and to think if we had not got the points deduction we would be joint top of the league tonight.😁
  3. R.I.P . Gerry Young, saw both of his hat-tricks he scored for the club. Always gave 100%.
  4. Very true Ridgewalk, i should imagine they all started in the boozer
  5. Like yourself Jeff ,i have never found the reason and can only summize it,s because we are from Sheffield. Just to add to the debate who named Port Vale ( from Burslem) and Grimsby Town ( Cleethorpes) and even Man U was founded under the name of Newton Heath.
  6. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/august/the-wednesday-fc-to-sheffield-wednesday/ Would it really bother you if we could go back to be known as " The Wednesday "
  7. Villa smash the EFL P and S to get promoted to PL and cannot be touched for the offence by EFL , Get relegated back to the championship with parachute payments for three years and the EFL still cannot touch them. Mind boggling to say the least , lets get on with the job in hand thats football.
  8. They certainly did SP , the official colour was down as Ascot grey and magenta. It was certainly different for the time.
  9. The days are long gone when a colour clash occured and the away team either changed there shorts or socks and the goalkeeper changed his jersey from green to yellow. We have for a few years had home and away kits, all at top prices, and as we know all the kids want the latest no matter what the price is and we do as parents do our best for them and cough-up. Back on todays topic as long as the Owls play all home games in the traditional blue and white stripes suits me, and this latest kit keeps with both tradition and a modern theme . The silver and grey looks ok and i,m sure will see fans of all ages wearing it. Lets just hope the players selected to wear it are worthy of wearing it.
  10. Love him or loathe him NW, s record speaks for itself and just maybe we would have been in the top six of the PL who knows. On too the game Owls to win 2-0 and i,m sure even NW will miss the banter.
  11. Brought us back from our darkest hours was loved by so many at S6 and all the clubs he represented. R.I.P B ig Jack.
  12. Whatever we post on this thread is pure speculation. Let's just wait for the clubs statement. Then we can voice our opinions.
  13. I watched Borokuv at both U 18/19 and U23,s and always put in a shift, scored a few goals and was always a handful for defenders so it came as a surprise to see him on the released list,especially as he had been called up for Bulgaria. Odd.
  14. In my opinion the ball is now in all clubs courts. Players can either sign a contract on what a club is able to offer them or they can take a chance of joining another club. If that fails they can join the queue with the other fourteen hundred who i am led to believe will no longer have a club. Owls 1-1 WBA
  15. Hi SP , I wasn,t saying what was the lineup against MU, Kieth Ellis scored hat trick in the 7-2 victory with Fanthan and Finney getting two each.. i was naming the team who i thought was best.
  16. If what i have heard is true, that the P&S is going to be suspended for next season .Then the EFL have brought the case forward so that the case can be heard so that a verdict can be given this season. I feel we are going to get a fine and a suspended sentence and put on the naughty step and i,ll take that. If that is the outcome then. the hiring of a top QC will have more than paid for itself. We live in hope.
  17. How many more changes to the game are they going to make before they drive the fans away. I am certainly nearing the end of my tether.
  18. This could cost the club millions. Sorry Hawkeye your apology is not good enough, where was your backup, is what I would be asking them and taking it from there. Blades you were robbed.
  19. Good to hear from you Corks, stay safe.
  20. Not a cat in hells chance, of a play off place. If by any chance they do then the twelfth man will get them promoted.
  21. I dont intend to get into a debate on the ethics of a professional footballer making a donation to our present situation . One thing for sure is at this present time our frontline nursing staff and everyone involved in getting the Coronavirus under control are worth a lot more than someone kicking a bag of wind around a football field. Ask anyone involved in the game and i am sure they will agree. I rest my case.
  22. A well written and informative piece Derby. Lets hope when we get back to some form of normality, that DC does see his mistakes and we move on as a club in the positive way as we as fans want SWFC to be.
  23. Cheap shot by BBC , let them stick to leeds " with a small l "
  24. One thing is for sure the next time I see the Owls I feel it will be a completely different team /management set up whether that includes Gary Monk only DC knows.
  25. Correct SP, certainly don't happen these days. Swanny never got a goal for us, but stopped his share.
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