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  1. i went there in the 70s mr guthrie ran the club and henry hall ran the boxing i have fond memories of those times
  2. i can remember pc north he was there for years he lived on woodview road walkley he was once in the star for arresting a goat near jacks sarsparella bar:hihi:
  3. potters for me.. as for Melton pies its a matter of preference they don't brine the pork leaving a dull grey Finnish, and for me less flavour
  4. harwood is a thug and should be dealt with as such..
  5. i think the way all this is going will give a lot of fuel to the conspiracy brigades fire....
  6. yes "big Brenda" was a great lady, sadly shes no longer with us.
  7. hi im 50 lived on woodview road went to morley street and myers.
  8. Hi you can see there point !! a 35 hour working week retire at 60 did they protest between 12 and 4 pm ? who will eat the "menu De jour" and god forbid working "le weekend"
  9. good grief!! you've brought some memories back there some painful ones as well ha ha !!
  10. hi i new big brenda very well what a woman !! gone but never forgoten
  11. hi i tried to quit for a few years with no luck. then someone told me about new leaf i went to a meeting and they measure the cm count breathing into a monitor.they gave me a card which i gave to my GP and he was more than happy to give me a prescription for patches i continued going to the new leaf meetings every week i found the support of other leafers a great help plus its great to see your cm count plummet! i used the patches to the very end of the course gradually lowering in strength. its now 8 years since i quit and it feels great the best thing i ever did. easy it ain't but keep trying guys you will crack it one day! mark.
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