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  1. Can anyone tell me what it might cost to buy the freehold from Coppen when there's roughly 700 years of the lease term remaining and a ground rent of £4 a year? House price valuation is uncertain but will be in the region of £185k. Reading up quite a few pages, I see Coppen (at least back in 2019) charge a fixed £500+VAT legal fee and £500+VAT surveyor fee, also around £50 payable in HMLR fees. I'm looking to find out what the purchase price might be, and an estimate of my own fees. Thanks
  2. Have you tried this Sainsbury's telephone number? Here is what the site says if you are registered when you go on to book a slot.
  3. I stopped off at the Shell Service Station on Ecclesall road last. All pumps are currently priced at 2 pence per litre more than the advertised display board at the road side for both petrol and diesel. The unleaded actual price charged at the pump is £1.219 vs advertised road side price £1.199. When I complained I was told I should take a receipt and put it in writing! Luckily I hadn't taken any fuel at that point and I drove off. One to avoid.
  4. CityBus for any bus. CityWide if you need any bus and tram. TravelMaster if you need the bus, tram and train.
  5. There is a post on the forum regarding the tree devastation with some links to photos here.
  6. This morning I checked the live feed for my nearest stop and there was only one bus tracking and that was 65 minutes away. The service is meant to be every 10 minutes and several buses were missing in-between. It wouldn't surprise me if there are people now faced with losing their jobs because they are consistently arriving late at work everyday.
  7. There is some good information already posted here. If there is a time shown in the 24 hour clock, the bus is probably not running and won't arrive. The live feed time is shown in the format of a countdown followed by LF, e.g. "2 Mins LF" and it probably will arrive. Bear in mind that one bus LF minute equates to about two minutes in the real world! Also look out for the system crashing. The clock showing the current time can be correct but all of the other times might have been static for a while. Look out for diversion notices too. Buses which are diverted still show on the screens. There's been a few times when I've had to tell a LOT of people at the bus stop that NO buses are calling at that stop, some of them who have been waiting 30+ minutes! There were diversions in place on Friday night around that area due to the rail replacement works.
  8. They will be breaking the T&C's of the contract with their card provider by imposing a minimum spend or imposing a surcharge to pay by card. It's annoying isn't it! The best thing you can do is vote with your feet and shop elsewhere.
  9. Hi, I can recommend Matt from MJB Electrical who I found through other recommendations here on Sheffield Forum. Matt came out to provide a quote which was sent through by e-mail later on the same day. Matt had no problems agreeing on a date and time to work around me and the work was carried out to a high standard. http://www.mjb-electricalservices.co.uk
  10. You didn't do anything wrong as far as I can tell. You are permitted to take the left hand lane after the bus lane and then turn left.
  11. Drivers ignoring the bus gate DO cause a significant delay to the 22 bus schedule. This is even more severe when the queue of cars (none of which should be present between the hours of 0730-0930) extends further than Napier Street combined with cars queuing to join Boston Street from Napier Street. I have been on the 22 bus on more than one occasion where the driver has had to use his radio to request police assistance to clear the queue of traffic.
  12. Ocado will have no problems carrying upstairs to your first floor flat. If you can get a free trial on their Smart Pass scheme then you will also get free delivery. We live in Nether Edge and have used them a few times. The drivers have always been punctual and often they have telephoned asking if they can come early. On the day of delivery you get an email listing the expiry dates of all of your items and detailing any substitutes so that you can be prepared to reject anything before the driver arrives.
  13. The emergency vehicles departed about 30 mins ago and the road is reopen now.
  14. So just to clear things up (in the absence of the OP!)... This is where we think the cars first met https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.3778036,-1.3972797,3a,75y,49.67h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sAeuUSOexdMX79_rxSuDgyA!2e0 and this is where we think that the collision probably occurred https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.3778955,-1.3957854,3a,75y,180.47h,83.9t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sU1BYz5kQViulcsrfgwaGWw!2e0
  15. Yep, here are 4 more signs prohibiting cycling including one you mention. link 1 link 2 link 3 link 4
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