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  1. I understand that the Premises License has been revoked after a number of issues. Enterprise Inns are selling the site, and it will not be allowed to be a pub, which protects their local sites like Roland, Black Bull, Yellow Lion, Blue Bell.
  2. Hi a.s.ullah... My advice would be to change the name entirely. The Cutlers carries a reputation for being a tough boozer in a tough place. People from outside Gleadless wont go there. Go and have a word with the Licensing Officer at Snig Hill for a run down on the issues when this was a pub. It was on my area three times over the years as a managed house. Joe Senn ran it as a tenant with a firm hand prior to that. Good luck with it...but there has to be a better site in a better area to start a business.
  3. Eric Cooper (formerly a Cooper !) is my father and lives in Norton Lees
  4. Fannys at Owler Bar. Classy place around 1980...now a Brewers Fayre ! Remember getting snowed-in on Xmas Eve 1980
  5. Bill Birks from The Penny Black, Big Tree, Brincliffe Oaks and Cross Scythes. Roger Nowill from The Frog & Parrott. John Hamre from Shakespeare, Hillsbrough. Brian Wise from The Big Tree. Albert & May Potts from The Sportsman, Harvey Clough Road. Mick & Pauline Gent of The Sherwood & The Millhouses. Peter from The Broadfield. Barry from The Woodthorpe. Terry from The Cutlers Arms.
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