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  1. bring in a no waiting policy good idea not, the one whos late who sticks their hand out for the bus as it has just left stop, tough the bright spark who suggested no waiting policy created this problem, as for the drivers waitin their point time, the current managment at first look for any reason to sack the drivers, so you cant blame the drivers for that, i drove 5 yrs for that company and recently left, had enough of the managements non professional attitude, and heres one for jonny axe the lad wi ps3 nickname the management there couldn't run a bath, ps johnny i am on your fb freinds lol.
  2. wheres randy big mouths back bone eh?? spineless and gutless can't answer a simple thread, a job should be treat for what they are to pay bills and keep in comforts you work for other than that no firm deserves dedicated workforces why should we when you get crapped on, them days are gone too.
  3. the public dont hate me i cant drive a bus so the us business don't exist, my mate did for first and left well was pushed by the weasel in the office, had him in for a little incident of him allegedly leaving a passenger behind, yet when his solicitor asked for the complainents name there was no name given as it was a drummed excuse like many others to make the jerk look as tho his job was neccessary, also like in a statement given he'd had no previous meetings with jerk, or other jerks in office, straight to resignation but he wouldn't resign and had to be dismissed the case is still on going.
  4. tell me whereyou work i will apply for managment position then sack you because your wearing wrong colour clothing or anything i feel like that morn, because thats whats happening at first, if you dont believe it put a thread on here for drivers sacked unfairly by first then see the replies hope you got a year off work.
  5. does anybody know of or have any photographs of the bellhouse rd or woodhouse dairy chapel street, i have tried the sheffield library archives and other archives to no avail, i used to work there up to it shutting down then went to work in co-op shops for a few years then left as the co-op wasn't the same, the dairy and bellhouse stores was the heart of the b and c in my opinion, i would appreciate a pointer in the right direction as i think i'm lookin in the wrong place.
  6. if i was a bus driver i would go to work do my job to the best of my ability, and get passengers from a to b a safely as possible, and if they wanted a 40p what ever other fares required no quibble, its the passengers choice, if they over ride or use out of date tickets so be it, when i used to do minibuses to airport many passengers used to fall asleep when i was taking them home or taking them to airport i fear with the why i drive people would miss their stops they require through falling a sleep, i wouldn't argue wi passengers more than likely have to wake them up.
  7. i agree with what you say try an talk first industrial action is a last resort, however one driver told me its like their leui days one numpty in their office needs sacking as he cant do his/her job properly, because this moron cant cope with the job, as the driver described takes it out on drivers and wont grant leui days when required, this causes a lot of disruption as well to services as drivers take leui days when this idiot decides during a busy period and other drivers holiday periods.
  8. time to fight back sheffield folk let the head office in aberdeen know what you think of their company, ring 01224 650100 fax 01224 650140 or first group plc 395 king street aberdeen ab24 5rd, lets make the difference, p.s. it isn't the drivers but the way it is run by the m.d. from rotherham and his disciples that cause the problems, who i have had the pleasure of speaking to personally and got no where, i'm sure mr lockhead and others would like to know more so give it a go nothing to lose, if not purrup and shurrup owd sheffield quotation.
  9. i spoke to well disputed with a driver about this planned strike action, and he said driver was getting put on final warnings for silliest things, no verbal or written straight to final written, this contrevenes the employments act 1999, and like he stated he doesn't want to go into work in morning to find out hes out of a job by 4 oclock pm for cracking a wing mirror through no fault of their own, i.e. a lorry clips a mirror off they blame the driver, even when they are stationary.
  10. if everybody over rode paid the lesser fair and got off where they wanted a lot off the drivers wouldn't give a monkeys so long as the money they payed was correct (well the descent ones) my neighbour hasn't had a pay rise yet from first but he has also put his application forms in at alternative bus companies, lets hope veolia or tm or arriva or stagecoach take over.
  11. the corner of stradbroke road and chapel street at the side of the co-op there is a island so the bus driver cant go any where and cant wait in the previous stop as his view of chapel st is blocked by the co-op, and would be able to make judgement till they passed the lorry exit thus bringing bus in line with island as it is supposed busses cant reverse in service then bus driver is in a catch 22 situation, however any car driver parked on double yellows should have more consideration to move, driving is common sense and courtesy and safe driving not selfish, arrogant, do as i want, them sort of drivers need to be bannished of the road for good.
  12. simple solution all shoppers that drive dont go to meadow hall boycott it then with any luck it might shut, use town revive the centre and get rid off the crappy american style mall we can do with out.
  13. if you dont know what bus stops at what stand ask scott hes knows of by heart which one, he is a brill kid/bloke dont know how old he is please dont call the guy a druggie or alcy because that is something i doubt he is, he live on the road somewhere near belfry i have seen him when i ride my bike round there.
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