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  1. MEDIA RELEASE ON BEHALF OF SHEFFIELD HILLSBOROUGH HAWKS WOMEN'S OPEN AGE ARLFC The women's team of Sheffield Hillsborough Hawks ARLFC may well be playing their very last game of rugby league this Sunday (2nd April) at Hillsborough Arena against Rochdale (Kick-off 2pm) Even though they are part of the Women's Development League they are finding it impossible to continue due to a lack of players. The team has had in the past been highly successful, has scored some notable victories, but is now suffering due to a total lack of numbers. In a city of Sheffield's size it seems incredible that the club cannot get even a dozen ladies (Over 16 yrs of age) to play rugby league, even though it is played and coached in schools throughout the city. PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT THE TEAM ON SUNDAY 2ND APRIL AT HILLSBOROUGH ARENA AGAINST ROCHDALE. Anyone know any ladies who would like to play in the future / have played in the past / who want to keep a club alive please come down and have a chat with any of the team on Sunday. It is a development team, and thus a fun team. Training Wednesdays and Fridays 6 - 8 Please help out if you can Anyone who would like to play please contact Sarah Hewart c/o Hillsborough Arena: 0114 233 5310 MEDIA /PRESS RELEASE - ENDS
  2. Women and Girls Are you looking for a new challenge? Why not try Tag Rugby. More Info from http://www.eagles-rlfc.co.uk/supporters/hawks/Tag.pdf or sumner144@hotmail.co.uk
  3. Emma Owen, is organising a 1988 re-union of "Brookies" on 17th July 2004 at The White Rose, Triangle. Anyone who remembers her or who was in that wonderful year group would they please contact her via steven.rapley@ntlworld.com or me Nigel Borham at nigemath50@yahoo.co.uk If you are a friends reunited member there are details under the Brook School info.
  4. Sheffield City Council and Sheffield International Venues, who manage the SPORTING VENUE otherwise known as Don Valley Stadium, are not allowing SPORTING ACTIVITIES to take place when they normally would be, due to them using it for computer fairs, antique sales / exhibitons, car boot sales and conferences. Are the council tax payers aware that THEY have elected these councillors to their positions in the Town Hall and they, the taxpayers are funding the Don Valley, out of their council tax, NOT TO BE USED FOR SPORTING ACTIVITIES in this the CITY OF SPORT. As Chairman of Sheffield Eagles Rugby League Club Supporters Club I have instigated an "e" petition at the link below and would appreciate everyone signing the petition to help make the council be aware of the depth of feeling by all people and not just sports lovers. http://www.petitionthem.com/?sect=detail&pet=812 Ordinary pen and paper signatures are being collected as well and letters of support are always welcomed. How about a line to your own councillor? Please help I can be contacted via 0114 2610326 or supporters.club@sheffieldeagles.com Thank you
  5. At least Eagles win matches and rugby league players don't go down trying to get oscars when they are tackled. You see some of these drunken, foul mouthed, beer swilling ignoramouses wandering about and they haven't a clue what planet they are on. They spend two or three times (if not more) the amount RL supporters pay to go to a match and at the end of it ....... zilch. Nil nil after kicking a bag of wind about for an hour and a half. Where is the excitement in that? Oh I know......it is when you go round swearing and cursing at everyone and anyone and cause trouble in the streets. You don't get that sort of behaviour from RL fans or Basketball or Ice Hockey. It just demonstrates that the soccer fan, who has to be segregated from the opposition because of their mentality, hasn't got a clue about enjoyment and behaving in a sensible manner. Sheffield Eagles, by the way are in the Grand Final on 5th October, playing Keighley at the Halton Stadium. Tickets ONLY £14....... Or if you want.... watch it on Sky. Kick off 1:45pm
  6. One of the major problems which Hatters have is the fact they, like Sheffield Eagles( I am biased !! as Hatters know!), are NOT football and thus do not get the amount of coverage they are entitled to. Both my daughters played for the Hatters and I was statsman for the junior teams and many times for the senior team at home matches. Trying to get recognition by certain members of the press was like "beating your head against a brick wall". I know Betty ( Cadona) got and still gets frustrated at the lack of local support and especially from the local council [for example Ponds Forge tried to charge the AMATEUR club £800 a match to play there. What is that saying for The City of Sport?] Hatters have won over 30 trophies in recent years, won an award for being the most successful sporting club -male of female - amateur or pro - in England, YET they get nothing in terms of financial support from the City Council, and struggle to get sponsorship of anykind. I believe that they deserve more, should get the support to play in Europe and most of their finances have to come from fund raising. I do believe that they need to get a press-officer in place [someone who can send emails and can use a phone with a bit of time each week] to completely saturate ALL MEDIA, RADIO (loads of local stations), PRESS (not just the Star - plenty of local papers), YTV, Look North etc. and get their games publisized, promoted and reported. One email to all these a couple of times a week MAY start to improve coverage.
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