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  1. Moira Attwood went to Norfolk Comp. (Incidentally, she was a good singer). Probably left in 1974 to go nursing? May be able to find out where she got to, but could take a while.
  2. Yeah, I worked over the wall, & jelly & sugary stuff used to get dumped near our premises in the Summer, attracting all the wasps from miles around.
  3. I seem to recall a fire at the Coach House, which may have closed it. Does anyone else?
  4. Julius Caesar decided it mate! I only read it in The Star this week.
  5. Mmmmm! Nipping round to Manfredi's on a Sunday afternoon with a bowl, asking for ten-pence-worth & seeing it full to the brim! The little old lady, Mrs Manfredi, (complete with pinny & headscarf), couldn't speak English very well, but knew what I wanted. It was worth braving the alsatian for!
  6. I have a photograph of what I believe was the last tram in Sheffield, (1962?) passing by the Town Hall. My nan was a civil servant, & a friend of Ald. Jim Sterland; and her cousin was ex-Lord Mayor, Sidney Dyson, which is probably how she came to have the photo in her possession.
  7. The scent of melted tar on the roads in hot Summer years gone by, a newly-bathed & powdered baby, Sutherlands spreads & the mint rock factory, the morning air at the beginning of a new school year, the disinfectant mixed with sand in the caretaker's bucket, my grandma's meat pies, rubber hoses/bunsen burners in the science lab, school changing rooms (eeuww!), shoe shops, heady hyacinths & a lighted match.
  8. Can you let me have more details of yourself in a PM pls? I know the person you are talking about
  9. I've written several poems for friends & family, both comical & serious, & would put something together for you. If you'd like to PM me, giving me some details on which to base the poem, I'll willingly help you out, but obviously I need to know some background details in order to formulate it.
  10. My dad's old house in City Rd. 1997! It had no bath either.
  11. Wotchya doin in Canada Joto, when there are so many beautiful rhymes back here???
  12. If there were small children present, the last words were always Sweet vi-o-lets!
  13. Gram told me another one:- Mi father's a lavatory cleaner, he works in the middins at night, And when he comes home in the mornin, he's covered all over in *****
  14. Anyone remember the one to the tune of Inky Pinky Parlez-vous? I can only remember bits of it:- There was an old man from timbuktoo, P-v, (Repeat) There was an old man from Timbuktoo dropped a fart & away it blew Inky Pinky P-v. The fart went rollin down the street P-v, (Repeat) The fart went rollin down the street & knocked a copper off his feet Inky Pinky P-v. The copper got out his rusty pistol P-v, (Repeat) The copper got out his rusty pistol; shot the fart right into Bristol, Inky Pinky P-v. The people of Bristol were havin a dance P-v, (Repeat) The people of Bristol were havin a dance & shot the fart right into France, Inky Pinky P-v. And that's as much as I can remember. Pls put me out of my misery somebody!!! "Man" here sez they used to sing it at the match years ago.
  15. Thanks for that, Dido - have often wondered!
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