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  1. Hi Joto....yes that's right, Ann was in our class but didn't remember the name until you reminded me...there was an Ann Gregory as well!
  2. Hi Phil, yes of course I remember you, you lived with your Dad at the bottom of Wheel Lane. That must be 40+ years ago...Did I used to come round with John Shelton, Keith Charlesworth and Graham Barber or John Mayor and Mick Plant. I remember we used to try and get a drink in the Greyhound or the other one across the way. What you doing in Kuwait? Dont know if you're on Facebook but probably best to try and find me that way....dont get onto this site much now....cheers.....Dave
  3. The name Stewart Crapper rings a bell and Pauline Sorsby. I've made the photo public now so you should be able to view it ---------- Post added 29-12-2013 at 14:48 ---------- Should be able to view now
  4. I was there for one year only 1966/7. Was in Mr Morris's class with Elaine Scholey, also Neil Atkinson, Pete Sheild, The Scaife twins, Graeme Barber and George Zych. Other names I remember were John Shelton, Keith Charlesworth and Ann Bromley. Still got the class photo somewhere!! Ring any bells with anyone?
  5. I worked at Middlewood from 1967 to 1970 as a trainee cook. We lived at Fairlawn, which was a large semi at the bottom of the drive which eventually became an ambulance station. My Dad was Free Church Chaplain there from 1966 to 1976. Have many happy memories of life in the kitchens, there were a number of us all about the same age either training like me or were kitchen porters.
  6. The back drop was of an Diesel train bursting out of a tunnel. The guys who painted it were called Grafix, they were from Mexborough I think. The first backdrop they did was for our old band " Merlin" . I still have it in me garage!! ---------- Post added 28-12-2013 at 17:54 ---------- Now then, SR Walker, used to live on Marlcliffe road I remember. I also remember we tried to get a band together with Albert Darley on bass, I've seen his name mentioned on here before, can't remember for the life of me who the drummer was...he was a mate of Alberts though. What you up to now, see you're in Devon. My old Merlin mate Steve Romaniuk lives in Paignton now as well. Must be the place to be !!
  7. Hiya, yes I've seen that pic of Neil before....still grinning!!
  8. Never heard of you either, when I was in the band there was Neil Turfitt on drums, Alan Hodkin and Sue somebody on vocals, Albert someone on bass and Mick Charlesworth on Hammond organ, memory escapes me but would have been around 1970, they split soon after I left!!
  9. I'm wondering if Neal is still about, I played with his band Paintbox in the early 70's and he later had a spell with our band Merlin sometime around 1974/5, still have a photo. Last I heard he was with King Bizkit a blues band who did a live video in Lisbon, that was acouple of years ago.
  10. Hiya, couldn't be Shape of the Rain they were a four or five piece, this band is a three piece called Panic
  11. Anybody know of the whereabouts of these two. Lost contact with these two great drummers and would love to chew the fat again...and maybe give them a gig
  12. Hi Sir Glyn....Don't forget Sassafrass and Stadium !!!!
  13. No it was definitely Jethro Tull that played at Broadway. Pete Bardens Village also appeared, and Yes if I remember correctly
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