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  1. No, sorry I can't point you to the minutes, and I cant remember exactly when it was.
  2. I have no idea because Im not a member anymore but neither am I a member at any other party. It was just a question I was pondering over as they have always said their not tories.
  3. I had them come the other day for a 1-2-1 before I took my doggie to one of those classes. Normally when we have visitors they get moaled and he never leaves them alone but Dave got him calm in a matter of minutes! Was a great sight to see that our dog is not as stupid as I once thought lol. Dave taught us some great tricks and we will be going to the dog class.
  4. With their being a high chance that Clegg is going to be in coalition with Cameron I was wondering what the Liberal Democrat councillors of Sheffield will do now? Many of them protest that they have been fighting the Tories for many years!? I wonder if they will go independant??? but........I doubt it!
  5. I was sat in the full council where a Labour councillor openly admitted to their favoured areas! All the other Labour councillors gasped in horror as their sercret was out!!!
  6. Does anyone know of a free venue where I can have a live band playing?
  7. Kids are moulded by the people around them! he has obviously had a bad time loosing his father but Im sure this didn't create such a disfunctional child! I believe the mother has tiptoed around him since his father died and has told herself that shouting/smacking him after any bad behaviour would be wrong as he is greaving for his father. But, this hasn't worked as he is now gettin out of control because he knows he will get away with it! There are many other children that have been through worse and got on just fine in life! I just hope for the kids sake that his mother stops passing blame and starts giving concequences to his bad behaviour! He must learn now he cannot behave like that!
  8. Jonouse101, how did it go at the classes? We are going to take our lab soon although ours is 17months! just hope its not a class of pups cos ours is far from a pup lol
  9. I am very sorry for your loss! I know exactly how your feeling, I have had 2 miscarriages myself. It is a heartbreaking thing for anyone to go through. When I lost my 1st I wanted someone to hold the blame, so, I blamed myself! When I miscarried for the 2nd time I blamed the hospital. I went into the hospital when I started to bleed and was told that most people have spotting when pregnant, I shouted at the doctor that I needed a scan because I had to know if my baby had died or not. After the fuss I kicked up I got a scan but not till the day after! I know what your feeling at the moment and how important it is to put the blame on someone. But honestly, there is nothing anyone could have done to stop your partner from miscarrying! Keep in mind that 1 in 3 pregnancies end in miscarriage and hopefully with time you will both heal.
  10. Yes, a little later in the afternoon would be better for me too. Really hope I can make next week, would be adding another male to the group
  11. how did it go yesturday? when and where will the next meet be?
  12. Mine would be my rottie I got from fescue! He was so soft and loving and protected my baby like his life depended on it! His kidneys began to fail and couldn't walk, he was in alot of pain but the night before the vet put him to sleep he still let my little boy sit on his back and have a ride. Such a special doggie and I miss him to this day. xxx
  13. I used to use a gentle leader on Bailey (15 month lab) it did stop him pulling for a while but then his head and neck muscles got stronger and he could still pull. We also had to change to a body harness and we also have to use a muzzle because he eats anything thats on the ground. He still pulls with the harness but Id rather him do this then eat things off of the ground. Good luck x
  14. I know alot of people use them and I dont knock anyone who does but I just dont like them. I had one once for my rottie but it seemed to turn him into a complete different dog! I didnt like what it did to him so I refused to use them anymore.
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