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  1. Where did I state I didn't like the thread ? I love it when you make a totally ridiculous statement, proves to everyone what you are. I'm not giving it the big one at all if you follow the posts. You were asked by two seperate posters to name your source, you didn't. You either didn't know, therefore you posted an unsubstantiated rumour or you were playing the schoolboy, I know something you don't. The sources tweet was public knowledge and I provided the source. Have a nice day.
  2. My finger is on the pulse , unlike yours. Why would I want to post speculation about your clubs possible administration when anyone with half a brain has been able to see for quite a while that it is a distinct possibility ? Oh, and you were the person who commented recently about unnecessary threads .............
  3. No detective skills required if your finger is on the pulse. You’re only 24 hours behind in repeating the contents of his tweet. Must do better. They’re a sports shop, I’ve heard the owner is an ex player of yours but not a first teamer. He certainly has contacts within your club but I’m not sure if they’re close to the action.
  4. I'd like to see him in a Blades shirt but I'm not convinced we will. Had a brilliant start to last season but was carrying an injury for the last few months and was not quite as impressive as reported by a Beerschot fan.
  5. Why don't you name him/her then ? As you won't, I will, it's the owner of DB Sports. As always, have to rely on a Blade for facts.
  6. Much better to have the name of someone who knows football rather than some egoistical clown who asks his 12 year old son for advice.
  7. Showing our class Sibs. I too don't want you to go into liquidation, I'll settle for you being permanently behind the Blades.
  8. I don't know what you think you are doing Cuttsie as a Wednesday fan making accurate and sensible comments about our last season. It's not the done thing on this forum, please refrain 😊
  9. You actually think you know more about professional football than the England manager. Why don't you enlighten us about your knowledge and experience in these matters ? Actually, you've already shown with your posts that the answer to the former is absolutely nothing, but what about your experience ?
  10. The font of all knowledge speaks again. Your bitterness and jealousy is matched equally by our mirth at you. Keep it coming.
  11. I'd have to agree. I watched the Barnsley v Swansea play off games, two of the supposedly better teams in the division, they were atrocious. So how bad must the team be who finished bottom ?
  12. Indeed, to be watching Championship football rather than the dross in the pub league 😊
  13. He wouldn't have made the provisional squad if he wasn't rated by the England manager.
  14. Thanks. Look on the bright side, it could have been much worse.
  15. Would that be the 10 year season ticket ? How many were sold ?
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