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  1. I did - here it is in case you missed it: As promised I’m replying to your post. Unfortunately I innocently purchased a new kitchen from Sheffield Kitchen Outlet, what a mistake I made your units are good but no better than any other Kitchen designers in the Area. My friend Lucy had a very beautiful kitchen supplied and fitted by Kitchen Appliance Warehouse Ecclesfield – she also had a problem with an appliance and was exchanged with no fuss at all the very same day. I should have gone there I really wish I had. No Managing Director of a decent, honest, trustworthy, honourable company would write what you have written on here regarding a very good customer who’s just spent £5,000 with them. And anybody observing on this Forum will have got the message very clearly because it’s obvious who the posters are after the farce of last night’s postings. I haven't even bothered to read them but let me tell you now that you can’t intimidate me. Originally Posted by stusko Hi eveyone ....My name is Stuart I am managing Director for Sheffield Kitchen Outlet.. On Monday afternoon just before leaving work for the day a gentleman called in and asked to speak to me regarding a problem with a dishwasher in a kitchen recently purchased from us... It wasn’t “recently” purchased it was finished by your fitter on the Friday before and the dishwasher was not tested properly because the electrician had to come back to connect everything up, we found that the dishwasher was not working on Saturday night. My husband reasonably asked to speak to you privately but you wouldn’t have this you had to have 5 or 6 people holding your hand. Were you frightened of him Stuart? Is that why you were scared to speak to him alone? I’m telling you folks my husband is 64 years old and his legs were, on that day almost crippled with an attack of inflamed knees. You are 31 years old and fit… coward or what? Please tell me I’m curious to say the least. I explained to him that first of all we needed to have an engineer to call to inspect the instalation of the built in appliance and to attempt to repair the appliance on site as they are legaly entitled to do.. Sale of goods act states that a manufacturer has the right to attempt a repair of an electrical appliance after instalation.. Not if an appliance is brand new and never been used If a repair is not possible SKO's policy is to replace and re fit the appliance within 24hrs as we can claim a credit for the appliance after an engineers visit.. This was explianed 2 or 3 times to the genleman on monday afternoon and he seemed quite happy when he left... He wasn’t at all happy, you had tried to intimidate him, you used bully boy tactics and never gave him a chance to state his complaint properly On tuesday morning i had a call put though to my desk, the same customers wife was on the phone saying a service call had been booked for thursday and this was no good because she was going away on holiday wed morning, the woman was been very rude to me and i found her attitude disgusting.. Now if you call telling you that “my contract was with you and not your suppliers” and that it was “your place to arrange a visit, not mine” disgusting and rude then I hold my hand up that is what I said. I also said that because we were going away on Wednesday the Thursday booking was no good. I did not say what time I was going away on Wednesday it was nothing to do with you. I had to ring the engineers myself and the cost of all the phone calls came to nearly £8. That should have been your responsibility. When i suggested she booked the call for the first day back from her holiday instead she started to get very abusive to me.. i did not understand the problem with this as she would not need to use the appliance while away.. I have been in business for over 5 years and have thousands of very happy customers all over south yorkshire and have never in my life been spoke to by a customer in such a vicious manner.. I must admit i did say towards the end of the call "i think your bieng b l o o d y unreasonable" You did say that yes but you ALSO said “it’s only a ******* dishwasher what’s your problem? You also said I was bitter… I want to question that what do you mean by bitter? i think i bit my tongue quite well considering the way i was bieng spoke to.. You are the dealer I am the customer but you didn’t bite your tongue did you? You swore at me, I had the phone on loudspeaker and people heard you. When you couldn’t cope you slammed the phone down. on wednesday evening my brother who works for me as a delivery driver went to view a house he was considering to purchase. Is this the brother that was parading up and down my house and garden with a clipboard in his hand wearing my carpet and garden path out in blind panic because I refused to pay the balance for the kitchen until the fitter had checked it over?… the fitter had gone away because the kitchen was late being delivered. He (your brother) had reason to phone you because a lot of the stuff were wrong and the first thing I heard you say was “Has she paid” Is that a genuine way to run a business? The delivery men were instructed by you not to unload the van until the money was in their grubby little hands. When he arrived at the house he was very suprised to see the same gentleman that was supposed to be on holiday quoting for some joinery work and as he left arranged to revisit the house thurs evening with a price.. If your brother has been a little bit more observant he would have seen me in the car which was packed up ready for our journey it was about 4.30 in the afternoon, I work until 4pm. And if his ear-wigging had been a bit better he would have heard what my husband really said – he said “I will “RING” you tomorrow with the price. Never heard of mobile phones? I will get the lady to confirm this if you like. So my message to dishwasher lady is "You have lied to us about your imaginary holiday to try and get your own way, you have lied about our telephone conversation, You have called me a liar (that’s libellous) and if need be I can prove that we went on holiday on Wednesday and returned the following Wednesday. Is this really what you want prospective customers to read? You calling a good customer a LIAR? i think you have been very unreasonable and bitter about the whole situation, Again you have called me BITTER – WHY? however you are still a SKO customer so if you do have any GENUINE complaints about our products or service please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you in any way we can" regards Stuart SKO As you know I DO have another genuine complaint. You know about it I sent you an email with a photo but you have chosen to ignore it. I will be back to you. I will be reasonable enough not to wash this one in public unless I have to.
  2. My sentiments exactly... they just want your money, the same people post regularly to praise SKO, these posters are Stuart's cronies. I will not praise him he has almost caused me to have a breakdown
  3. Don't!! you will ruin your nails in the long run or be committed to paying £20 or more every 3 weeks forever
  4. Thanks Ruby you're a brick, (in the nicest possible way) we I live in the Sheffield Hallam area but I hasten to add not in the wealthy part. My friend doesn't live round here so it's unlikely she will ever see this forum, but she is rich I'm not. We've been friends since we were children. I will have to think carefully about our relationship now though because of how her words have hurt me and my husband.
  5. Thanks everybody, it seems I'm not the meanest wickedest person on this earth after all. My problem is that when people ask me to sponsor them to do a walk for a worthy charity through these giving websites, I find it hard to refuse and I too, as patkinson says have a problem with the envelopes I give a decent amount because I know that the neighbour who collects then, opens them all and has to write down what everyone has given in front of a witness that is the rule. I too think that the organisers of the websites are the real winners 5% does not sound much but it's a lot, when millions of pounds are donated through their websites. This is what my very best friend said to me I didn't at any time say I resented giving to her daughter's charity but she seems to think I did. All I said was that this is the last time because I have to draw the line. > I'm really sorry that you feel as you do about having sponsored **** , > obviously we'll never ask you again , so don't worry about that . You > should have refused , it would have been kinder to us than giving a > donation and then saying how much you resented it . My feeling is that it > would be better to refund it to you , but **** feels that might be unkind > on our part. Was it really necessary to say such terrible things when I'd only voiced my intentions for the future? I was deeply upset by this. She wants me to forget it now and go back to where we were but I truly find it difficult, I feel she's thrown my generosity into my face.
  6. Up to now this year I have been invited to sponsor six walks from different people and charities, I have sponsored them all (4 @ £20) and 2 @ £15). I feel as if these things are going too far and I need to draw a line somewhere. But where, without upsetting the lovely people who are doing these charity walks in all good faith? I like all the people that have asked me to sponsor them and all the charities are very good causes but I just can't afford to carry on like this and also I support my own charities such as St Luke's and Breast Cancer. I mean the sponsored walks that participants send you email inviting you to go to the Just Giving and other organisers websites that people who do these charity walks use. (You send the donation over the web to these sites). The donations given on this particular one started at £200 and I felt mean anyway just giving £15. The donations are there for all to see and some amounts are massive. The organisers take 5%. I had decided that I would inform all the people I have sponsored this year that it's the very last time. Which, I did last week, a very good friend asked me to sponsor her daughter (because the daughter was too embarrassed to ask people herself), I sponsored her for £15. My friend rang me up to thank me and I thought she would understand my predicament so I told her that I have now done this for the very last time. She got extremely nasty, she took it personally, she even said the because I resented sponsoring her daughter so much she would send me the money back. She totally misunderstood my meaning and thought I was being unkind to her. Can anybody advise me on this subject, I'm sure someone else must have found themselves in the same position..... Thanks
  7. I'm having another try... most of my posts on this subject have been removed. I'll risk it. Merlin Estate Management Ltd never ever had any assets. They were set up to "manage" Boulding Enterprises'(probably not the real name but something like it) properties. Merlin employed the labour and everything else but they had to get the money from Boulding Enterprises to pay the workers. Boulding Enterprises pulled the plug and Merlin could not pay so they went bust like a lot of the other companies the same people own. All the rents they were collecting were on behalf of Boulding Enterprises and Merlin passed it on to BE. It's very clever how they do this but no matter who looks into it they will find that Merlin's bank has always been empty. The land-bank belongs to Boulding Enterprises and nobody can touch them because it's a different company.
  8. Thought you'd gone... in post 60 you said you couldn't waste any more time on this forum so what's keeping you? How naive you are, you know nothing of what has happened here or of the unfortunate people who have lost almost everything because they were trusting enough to think that they would get paid in the end. The B's have already started again they started again last November under 3 different names and offices, I know the names but will not divulge here. One address has already been mentioned here. I live in Crookes and everybody is talking about this. Get real love. Most of the men that have been cheated of their earnings had their own businesses too...just like you... how dare you call them "scum". I hope your business is not relying on people like the B's for payment, or perhaps I do, then you will know what it's all about.
  9. I have... I eventually got me money back after spending a fortune on the phone, I will pm you with the details
  10. This is definitely from someone who speaks very bad English this is one way of checking on Spams, I'm told!!
  11. I see that the Merlin Estates thread has been closed. I said they live near me (no matter who you talk about they live near someone). I would not (even in a pm) have divulged their address I have more etiquette! It seems very odd that this is the second time the Merlin Estate thread has been closed anybody agree??
  12. Sorry sweetshop you miss-read my post I said the the man Merlin Estates owed over £100,000 to is an ordinary working man and HE is having trouble at home because of the lack of money coming in because he has worked for a long time with no pay. If the Bouldings are having marriage problems I don't know, I don't think so because this issue will not bother them in the least they are used to it. Just been past their house there are 3 very expensive cars in the driveway, Hope they will be repossessed next week. Their daughter is a pop singer she was on Radio Sheffield with Rony Robinson a few weeks ago.
  13. Yes everything you have said is very true, I was almost duped by Mick Boulding a few years ago but I got word just in time before I did a big job for him. They live in a luxurious house near me they have 3 grown up children with well known names Just google Deidre Boulding and it's all there. I know that they owe one ordinary contractor with a house and family to keep over £100,000. This has snowballed where he owes his sub contractors, bank, merchants, Inland Revenue, VAT and of course he is having problems at home with his wife and kids. I've seen the men demonstrating outside Merlin's office on Crookes, they have nothing to come, I feel so sorry for them but the Bouldings have a way of dealing with these things.
  14. My friend was approached to deliver charity envelopes to a few neighbours she agreed to do it and delivered 20 envelopes to her nearest neighbours. When she went to collect the filled envelopes and put everybody's name on each individual envelope she had to have an independent person not a neighbour or relative to be present when she opened them. I was that person because I didn't live in that area at all. She showed surprise at how little or how much people had put in the envelopes, I think this is wrong, they are people she knows. I would never put money in envelopes again just a polite note saying that I will donate to the charity through other means. I wrongly thought that these envelopes were sent to some secure company anonymously to be opened and passed on, but no she had to write a cheque for the amount collected and post it to the charity and I had to sign and give all my details on the form provided. You can't take the cash to the post office any more.
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