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  1. Thank you for your advice people, the tape player seems to work ok but I'm yet to test it with an actual cassette (not owned a casette for about 10 years) but the radio side is what I'm more interested in as its a 4 band including shortwave, all I'm really wanting is the insides to have a good clean and all the connectors cleaned and greased etc, I don't want to try it myself as I'm no good at that sort of thing, I can take stuff apart easily enough but putting it all back together is a different matter lol, thanks rudds I will look into nova electronics. All the best.
  2. Hi, recently I went into my shed (for the first time since I have lived at the propety) and amongst all the junk left by the previous tennant I found a really old radio casette player, a Hitachi TRK-1255ER to be precise, from 1974 so 45 years old, it was covered in dust and cobwebs and stained by age but to my delight it burst into life when I plugged it in and turned the power on, so I spent a couple of hours giving it a good clean and its come up like new, so now I would like to get it serviced and cleaned inside, connectors cleaned etc, so I was wondering if anyone knows where is the best place to get this done in the Rotherham/Sheffield area? Thanks.
  3. To legally watch the match for free, watch it at the pub while drinking tap water.
  4. This is one for the stats guys, so as we are aware England will play a group match at Bramall Lane during the 2021 rugby world cup, meaning that Bramall Lane will have then hosted an England team playing rugby, cricket and football, my question is are there any other grounds/venues that can make this claim? Cheers
  5. Following a discussion I had I thought id ask blades fans on here, which team would win if the current Sheffield United team played the Sheffield United team that won promotion to the Premier League under Warnock? Hypothetically of course.
  6. Indigestion is a consequence of a crunchy brexit
  7. Saw a copy of the Star the other week that had headline news that it's going to get cold during the Winter.
  8. Mindless vandalism, possibly drink fuelled.
  9. I said it WAS worth posting, WELL worth in fact. See my first post.
  10. Absolutely spot on PRESLEY. It's a well known fact that everyone who starts smoking that evil cannabis will without a doubt be on the heroin within 2 to 3 years, once you are on that slippery slope there's no turning back, hangings not good enough for em!
  11. Haha PRESLEY you are so funny, keep em coming :hihi:
  12. Why such hostility? I am backing you, I am appalled that someone had the audacity to be in your presence on a public highway smoking that filth, the culprit should be made to compensate you!
  13. Such a traumatic incident for you, defiantly well worth coming on here to discuss it.
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