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  1. Was anyone on the stagecoach 52 today about 1pm travelling from town to Woodhouse? Did you see the incident involving the driver and a lady with a pushchair and also lady in a wheelchair. Be very grateful if your saw this if you could pm me pls x
  2. Can anyone help please, we bought a rage vargo 8 tent. Trying to erect it on the garden but really struggling to remember where everything goes. Does anyone have one or have any idea how to help pls. All pm's greatly welcome z
  3. Is kidZ kingdom still open at halfway?
  4. I find Dobbys very easy to get around and other outlet store in same complex
  5. Did you manage to get your ironing done in s13 px200? Pm me
  6. Hi, I'm an amputee and when I'm not able to use my prosthetic leg I hate wearing just one shoe as the pair wears in different stages. Before my amputation I was in a plaster cast for over 3 years so decided to create a business selling brand new named footwear in singles. If you know anyone who may benefit from this pls pass on my details or add my page on Facebook: toeless 72 and will direct you to my page HOP helping other people. This could be useful for amputees, people in plaster cast or specialist frames etc. Anywhere anyone can recommend me putting a flyer would also be. Great help. Usual prices: Shoe £10 Trainer £15 Boot £20 Kids £8 All inc postage costd
  7. I'm wanting to share my Facebook group or eBay page, how do I send this as a link for people to click on.
  8. I now have in stock a large amount of male and female footwear, the stock is single shoes only suitable for non prosthetic wearing amputee or anyone who due to illness or injury can only wear single footwear. This is a newly established business so any views or feedback would be welcomed.
  9. I've been sent a word document to open via email. I've downloaded various apps to open it but nothing's letting me fill in the application form. Can anyone slowly talk me through how to do this please. I'm desperate as this needs to be returned soon
  10. Is anyone else having a problem with eBay tonight. Every time I try to publish my ad it's saying application error and I haven't a clue why
  11. Buy a power hair if poss as they can't discriminate against what is classed as a wheelchair x
  12. Thanks for your guidance, is this what your qualified in and would you be willing to help devise exactly what u may need. Pls pm me.
  13. I'm needing rough prices for setting up a website for an online based company. I need it to work like eBay with constant images being added as well as a checkout system linked to PayPal. Can anyone help, I need prices first to submit an application for s grant
  14. I purchased a zetec from eBay £189 very lightweight with pop off wheels and fold down back x
  15. I do get hirer rate mobility, I have a car through that that my partner drives (he takes me everywhere and anywhere I want to go) sometimes I want to spend the day out for Lucy with friends or doing some shopping so I like some freedom x
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