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  1. Here is helpful information from the campaign group https://friendsoftheloxleyvalley.com/2020/05/15/developers-propose-up-to-300-new-houses-in-loxley-valley-township/?
  2. Sheffield City Council verified that more than 21,000 signatories were on the electoral register in Sheffield and stopped further verification at that point as it was 100% clear that more than 5% has been achieved. It was a phenomenal effort by It's Our City activists involving thousands of hours work. The vast majority of people signed after conversations at events that It's Our City attended citywide. The first green shoots of a possible return to genuine community democracy in the city after a disastrous decade.
  3. The University of Sheffield Community Liaison manager advised that SUFC asked for an away game this weekend to ensure no repeat of the 2018 chaos.
  4. Front Room, recently rebranded to FR was brilliant. I kept trying new things on the menu and was never disappointed. I thought something was not quite right in the last couple of months and was very distressed to see it boarded up. That location allowed them to attract a decent amount of sit down diners but they needed to offer quality food and service which they did. It was walk to for me - very disappointing.
  5. I witnessed this myself yesterday and I have reported it on the Tramlines helpline at 0900 today. The number is 0114 483 0873 and should be operational from now until 2300. I only got to leave a message.
  6. The Don Valley Railway Group has been reinvigorated in the last few months following publicity in the Star and elsewhere. It lost momentum when the focus in Stocksbridge changed overnight to urgent community action to save the Leisure Centre. The plans have been looked at by people working at a high level in national Transport projects and are seen as credible and deliverable if they get the right support. Do attend the monthly meetings (See the Facebook page) at The Harlequin pub to find out more and offer help.
  7. The council issued an order to clear above ground ie trees and vegetation on safety grounds responding to a complaint by a member of the public. No advance notice was given to ward councillors or local people - this is the big local issue for the well informed Harcourt Community Action community group. So lots of of people, including myself (supporting Green ward councillors), wasted a lot of time finding out what was going in and whether it was legal. A lot of council officer time was needed that could have been avoided just by informing relevant people.
  8. Jared now suspended for 6 months from Labour - the suspension was on October 25th. The outcome now dragged out until after the election with other internal enquiries occupying their time as well.
  9. Greens got about 9000 more votes than UKIP in 2016 citywide. Jonathan Harston's stats site the best place for past results in detail plus analysis. http://mdfs.net/Docs/Sheffield/Election/2016/
  10. People should be aware that the H1 hospital shuttle bus between the Hallamshire and Northern General hospitals is quietly being downgraded from January 29th. SYPTE say "Changes to the times with buses taking slightly longer to travel along the route to assist with punctuality." In practice the current 25 buses running every half hour between 0600 and 1800 are being cut to 21 buses during the same period. Unhelpful.
  11. See also http://www.sheffieldeastend.org.uk/AQmonitoring.htm - the key air pollution group in Sheffield.
  12. The inglorious twelfth is approaching. Support this campaign to protect birds of prey http://wildeaboutbirds.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/inglorious12th-thunderclap.html
  13. The boundary review could now be cancelled with a minority government. Politically driven gerimandering potentially overtaken by the result of a politically driven general election. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-iain-duncan-smith-mps-constituency-boundary-review-analysis-a7798591.html.
  14. I was Natalie Bennett's agent in Sheffield Central. She has bought a house just above the station. She sought selection last summer due to Sheffield Central being the 3rd best national result in 2015 and aiming to build on that and become an MP. Jillian Creasy stood down as a councillor and active party campaigner immediately after the general election. Natalie was Green Party leader from September 2012 to August 31st 2016 on a salary that I think was linked to the living wage in London. She has not been employed by the Green Party since then and was just campaigning in Sheffield since selection in October while fulfilling some commitments around the country booked when she was leader. I hope this covers the information on the thread. Like all parties we will review the campaign shortly - there is a by-election campaign going on right now. The hoped for 3 1/2 years of Sheffield campaigning did not materialise for Natalie with the election coming just 7 months after selection. Pinning down the next election date looks as difficult right now as it was during late 2017 and early 2017. Don't book your holidays!
  15. Many of the "Freepost" leaflets will arrive late or not at all as they are not a priority for the Royal Mail and because of the timescales of a snap election with many of the parties having no national print facility to fall back on. So far for the Green Party a Heeley leaflet has arrived at Natalie Bennett's house above the station and a Hallam leaflet has arrived on Wilkinson St, close to the University of Sheffield Students Union. Mine arrived inside a Farmfoods advert leaflets so you may have chucked it away in error with junk mail. Expect a late rush right up to Thursday - and beyond! It's frustrating for parties and those who want to hear from them.
  16. On Eskdale Rd (off Leppings Lane) notices were changed yesterday and leaflets posted at 2.15pm advising work will start today not April 18th and for 8 days not 4 days. Eskdale Close (side road off Eskdale Rd) notices are currently still showing April 18th. The initial notices were only posted on Monday I think so too late for anyone taking a longer Easter holiday. What people away on holiday during Easter school hols are supposed to do about moving their cars with 1 days notice I don't know. Surely they will at least not have to pay release fees if they are towed away.
  17. Tree panel decisions here https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/in-your-area/report_request/trees/independent-tree-panel.html
  18. Posted by Chris Rust online : Last night the SCC website did not show the Independent Tree Panel's decision on these fellings At 4:25 am the council website posted the ITP's recommendations which were that 6 of these 8 trees might be saved and that should be considered. The council's response was posted in a very large small print spreadsheet. Residents were woken at 2am to move cars. There were two very small notices near Rustlings Rd about road closures, very small print with Rustlings at the end of a long list. None of the normal big yellow signs so of course nobody was aware, but presumably this allowed the door knocking. 30-40 police, large number of felling crews and tow trucks arrived and blocked off the road. Felling started (I was told) before 5am and the trees were substantially felled by daylight. Just the trunks remaining. Two pensioners, neighbours called Jenny Hockey and Freda Brayshaw, were arrested for standing by the tree outside their homes. A young man then stepped in and was also arrested.
  19. Ridiculous strong arm tactics by the council, police and Amey working "in partnership". Collective punishment for Rustlings Road residents for the crime of wanting to save healthy street trees.
  20. Thursday 24 November - Public meeting and question and answer session with Natalie Bennett, former Green Party leader and Sheffield Central constituency MP candidate. Plus an opportunity to find out more about Green Party activity in and around south west Sheffield with Cllr Magid Magid (Broomhill & Sharrow Vale ward) in attendance and Ecclesall ward activists. 6.45pm for 7pm start. Refreshments will be served. There will be a collection for room hire. Pre booking not needed but if you can register it helps us plan for numbers. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/natalie-bennett-why-sheffield-needs-green-solutions-tickets-29069758430 Also new Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley is one of the speakers at this Festival of Debate meeting https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/basic-income-money-for-nothing-tickets-27435773136
  21. The police told the Crosspool Forum last week that thieves were targeting certain cars in the area - I think new Audis were top of the list.
  22. The rules are clear but we are seeing a massive expansion of private landlords at the same time that massive budget cuts leave council departments with a few hard pressed staff. Green ward councillors are trying to act on case work brought to their attention but the landlords know the chances of enforcement action are very small and getting even smaller by the minute. It's a free for all out there which is how the "no regulation" Tories like it.
  23. The Lib Dem vote completely collapsed in 2015 as Clegg and local Lib Dems took full punishment for going into coalition with the Tories. That was the key driver behind the increased majority - the Lib Dems only campaigned seriously in Hallam to (just) keep Clegg in office whereas Scriven campaigned relentlessly over a period of years before 2010.
  24. Natalie Bennett stood down as leader of the Green Party on August 31st, is moving to Sheffield and has been selected as the candidate for Sheffield Central if there is a snap election. Previous Green candidate Jillian Creasy ( no longer party politically active in the front line) finished second behind Blomfield in the 2015 general election. The 2015 result suggests a safe Labour seat but Paul Scriven got within 165 votes of Blomfield for the Lib Dems in 2010. With Manor Castle ward looking certain to come out of the new Sheffield Central and West constituency after boundary changes and the Corbyn situation it looks a lot less safe going forward.
  25. All nominated candidates are now listed on the elections page on the council website. Greens (I'm the agent for all of them), Labour and Lib Dems have full council slates of 84. I make it Tory 47, UKIP 42, TUSC 23, Yorkshire First 1 and Independent 1. No doubt Mr Harston (who is on the candidate list) will double check this and confirm.
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