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  1. When I was a lass we used to call them beatniks so the idea isn't new. Never did fancy a lad with a beard . What's that all about .
  2. I would recommend Crookes, Walkley , Crosspool even if it means stretching your budget.The houses always sell well and maintain their price when you want to move on / up due to proximity to university and hospitals . Parts of Hillsborough as well they have brilliant transport links.
  3. I was a Dental nurse aged 16 when I first left school £39 per month. 1972.
  4. St Timothy Church hall CROOKES it's worth an enquiry .Lovely room and kitchen area.
  5. Surprised that The Toby In carvery Ecclesall Rd South has closed. It always seemed to be busy and well used. Wonder what will replace it if anything?
  6. The van that monitors speeding was parked opposite the smiley speed sign approx 4 to 5 hours yesterday. Cars that passed the van flashed their head lights warning approaching traffic . Cash cow for the authorities.
  7. The plough pub building isn't as old as it would seem, it's a re build as per the date above the door. I really hope it's a success as a pub again but in truth not many locals used it so it died. I really think the building would have been better converted into a Sainsbury's local, it would have been well used I am sure. That said the decision has been made and as a person that has lived in the area for over 50 years and has seen the Plough refurbished quite a few times I hope it's successful again . Use it or lose it.
  8. Crawshaws Hillsborough not S10 (but not far)but brilliant been using them for years . Sausages really good and can supply the source of their farms used for beef etc
  9. Oh how I fear for the future of this world and its people with attitudes like this!!!
  10. I can't stand Meadowhall only go there when I am forced too.I can usually buy everything I need in the City centre. Why can't the Moor be turned into local interesting shops. I am hoping the new Market will source local food, Breads , Jams, Pickles. Meat and Cheese with taste. I try and buy in Atkinsons as it is an independent retailer but looked at the average age shopping there this morning and I think its going down the old B and C co op route it needs to market itself to a younger age group. Keep our city vibrant!!! and not the clone of many other City /town centres.
  11. Cocoon hairdressers on CROOKES her husband does all sorts of alterations including curtains reasonable and good quality.
  12. Definitely was a self service shop latterly!
  13. Looked through the thread no one has mentioned Cannes music shop on Crookes or the Flower shop /Pet shop which was near Kandy cabin. Stiil a double fronted flower shop now. He used to have rabbits, birds in the back and I am sure he had a pet Monkey.
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