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  1. I've no idea who did the redesign sorry. Is there any benefit for this kind of service for the buyer over the traditional estate agent arrangement? I understand the obvious benefits for the seller, but not so sure about the buying perspective.
  2. Good point Stuff and I didn't mean to be too hard on 2Roost. I'm just being a bit picky because I work in web / business development and I can't help but think of what I would do with 2roost if it were my business. As I was mainly negative in my last post here are some positives... I like the fact on 2Roost that I can select the type of property, e.g. Semi vs Detached, which you can't do on Rightmove. I also like the fact that if I were to buy through them I wouldn't need to deal with the usual money-grabbing estate agents. And despite my earlier minor complaints, I'd still buy from them if the right property came up, which I wouldn't with say blundering blundells. PS. I was wrong in my last post about having to scroll through the houses to see which are for sale and which aren't. As you can change the sort order to show all 'For sale' houses first. All that needs fixing is showing the specific area a house is in, so you don't have to view each houses details to find out.
  3. I've had bad RSI in the past, so much so that I nearly had to stop working. This is an area where there's all sorts of advice flying around and you have to be careful what to listen to. E.g. Some people will say get wrist rests, yet these are supposed to be bad, as if you just rest your wrists on them, it reduces circulation to your joints and makes it worse. My advice as a recovered victim of RSI is the following: 1. Take regular frequent breaks. Short frequent breaks are better than long infrequent ones. 2. Try and eat healthy and make sure you're getting enough vitamins, calcium, cod liver oil etc. I don't know this will definitely help but I was desperate and was trying everything and think it might have helped, certainly didn't do any harm. 3. Make sure your workstation is setup ergonomically. Best look for authoritative websites on this, university websites found through google are often a good source of info. 4. Try not to worry about it too much, be confident it will improve. Research has shown that some cases of RSI are largely psychological and it is definitely a factor. 5. Get exercise, it doesn't matter if it's not using the affected parts of your body, it will increase circulation and take your mind off the pain. You probably will be fine if you start taking preventative measures now as your symptoms seem quite mild. Good luck anyway.
  4. From a buyers perspective, their website is not user-friendly like rightmove. They list sold houses, not just ones for sale, so you have to constantly check to see if you could actually buy a house or not. It's also not clear viewing the listings, which area properties are located, you have to view full details for that info. The result is whilst I scan rightmove regularly for new properties, I rarely visit 2roost, it's too much work. They also don't seem to listen to buyer feedback. I contacted them about their website, mentioning that it was impossible to search for properties using Firefox (probably 25% of their visitors will use it, including me). It was probably about 6 months+ before they fixed it. Lastly, I contacted them as a prospective buyer stating what area I was looking at and my budget and if they could notify me of new replies. I didn't even receive a courtesy e-mail to say they don't offer that service, which presumably they don't... Rightmove send me regular updates automatically. I don't work for rightmove and I don't mean to slag off 2roost too much. They probably are worth considering and if they would think more about usability their business could flourish and buyers, sellers and themselves would benefit.
  5. As a buyer with money to spend it's bad stories about Blundells like this that makes me skip any property with one of their 'for sale' signs outside.
  6. Beighton and Sothall are both nearby to Woodhouse, seem quite well regarded and are on the tram route. I'm considering Woodhouse too and would like to hear some opinions from people living there, especially about safety and the areas near the train station.
  7. Some tips on protecting your home: From UKTV And from the good old government.
  8. No-one have any views on Kiveton Park vs Worksop and surrounding areas as a place to live?
  9. I'm also interested in Kivo, used to get the train through it from Worksop to Sheffield. The thing that struck me about it was that there was a lot of vandalism at the station, loads of glass broken, bottles thrown on the tracks, group of about 10 lads hanging about a couple of times etc. Then there's all the high-up CCTV cameras. All the rest of the stations on the way to Sheffield were pretty quiet and normal compared to Kivo. So is it any rougher than woodhouse, darnall, worksop etc?
  10. We'll just park around the back of Cineworld then, as it's park and ride, and we'll be parking and riding, can't see it being a problem.
  11. I may do some shopping on Saturday (park sat night) and Sunday, maybe that would count.
  12. A friends coming over for the night and needs somewhere to park, doesn't want to drive into centre as doesn't know the way etc. So thought maybe it could be left at Meadowhall. Wasn't really thinking about leaving a car there for more than a night, just curious if it was possible. Guess I'll ring meadowhall tomorrow and see what they say.
  13. Are you allowed to leave your car overnight at Meadowhall car park? Or will it be clamped? Or maybe the wheels nicked? If you can leave it overnight, would you be able to leave it there for a month do you think?
  14. Thanks for all the comments. It doesn't sound too bad an area, I live on West Street at the moment, and have had about enough of it!
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