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  1. I think I will take them and accept the charges lol x
  2. I'm due to leave my council property in a few weeks, but spent loads of money on all the doors, does anyone know what the charges are for me taking them off and not replacing them, too good to leave for the council to take off and skip and put standard ones on x
  3. yer hes in a vivarium so he is nice and warm, thankyou for all the advice im not going to hibernate him xx sorry to hear your sad stories of loosing your tortoises xx thanks again x
  4. hi there i posted last year for help with hibenation for my tortoise, does it hurt the tortoise if i dont hibenate, im scared im not going to do it correcctly and that he will die hes around 3 years old and never been hibenated. help help advice please xx
  5. my son is really interested in cooking and i was wondering if there is anywhere in sheffield that do cooking courses for children, i have googled it but doesnt seem to come up with much.
  6. He has all the correct lighting and started leaving it on a little longer now its getting cold, he has now had a dish of food but thankyou for all your kind advice merry christmas to you all xxx
  7. Hi i have a horsefield tortiose hes around 2yrs old i havent hibinated him due to fear of him not waking up but hes not eating either. He has a full set up with heat lamp but at the minute he just goes into his digging area and stays there, he does have a wander around now and again but not much is this normal behaviour for hibination time
  8. There is a dance studio at Gleadless town end i know they do dance classes there,
  9. hi there, i know there is a dance studio on Gleadless Town End near the post office but not sure what age they take them from x
  10. Hi there there is a toddler group on ridgeway road just in the park its called Hollinsend toddler group they also run a preschool Give them a ring 01142656716 its open term time and runs tuesday to friday
  11. i would strongly reccommend m mitchell painter and decorator for any decorating job big or small. we have had Micheal a number of times to do our decorating and everytime we have been very satisified with all the work hes done for us and most of our family too. so if your needing any decorating doing give him a call M mitchell interior and exterior painter and decorator tel 01142454383 07976714323 mmitchelswfc@yahoo.co.uk :D:D:D:D:D:D
  12. i would like to recommend a painter and decorator, very good quality work carried out by m mitchell. absolutly love the work hes done for us and would like to recommend him on the forum thankyou Big one Lindsey and mark :thumbsup:
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