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  1. Cheers, Looks a bit upmarket for what I am after though... Not sure they would want a coach next to a Ferrari! sent them a message anyhow! Thanks
  2. Hello, We have bought an old 1970's coach and looking for some storage for the next 6 months (hopefully as close to S8 as possible) while we convert it into a motorhome. Does anybody know of anywhere local that might be able to accommodate it? 30ft x 8ft is the rough size. It's a very clean and tidy vehicle, No external work will be carried out, just internal renovation. It runs/drives and will be road legal. Basically anybody who has a corner of a secure yard that would like to earn a bit of cash for a few months for the space let me know. Thanks in advance,
  3. This alarm is doing my head in now too. Sounds like a shed alarm or something? Topped with a torched car on the road below too..
  4. Old thread... but EnviroLoft Ltd. Now supply 100% Free loft insulation to ALL properties regardless of circumstance in Sheffield/NE Derbyshire. info@enviroloft.co.uk
  5. I too am in need of a single ticket if anyone has any they don't need anymore. Cheers, James
  6. P&M computers/trading... not so sure about the sunday times tho!
  7. Robin Hoods Bay - lovely place, only 2hrs from here! plenty of walks around there, whitby is only 10 mins up the road, will be dead quiet in november! Fantastic pubs too & christmas lights etc should all be up and running by then!!
  8. if your still struggling with this give me a call, (James) 078 964 13722 I run an on-site repair business and I am also in S8 so can get to you ASAP Cheers, James
  9. I am also no expert but a good few years ago I witnessed my friend (he was 11 at the time) get hit by a slow moving car, 20mph max and it was a tiny little hatchback. He was flipped a good 12 foot in the air then landed head first through the windscreen! As previous posters have mentioned I think speed is only one factor in an accident and even slow moving vehicles can cause nasty accidents! Glad your son is okay, sounds like he was a very lucky child!
  10. Yorkshire & Humber: N Yorkshire S Yorkshire W Yorkshire York Heavy Snow Sun 10 Jan THE EARLY WARNING HAS BEEN CANCELLED. DISRUPTIVE SNOW ACCUMULATIONS ARE NOW LESS LIKELY. There is a moderate risk of a severe weather event affecting parts of Wales, Northeast and Southeast England. Outbreaks of snow may give accumulations of 1 to 2cm at low levels, but snow may become heavy and persistent at times over higher ground with 3 to 8cm on east-facing slopes and up to 15cm over the highest peaks of the Pennines and Welsh Mountains. Strong winds may cause drifting of snow in places. Issued at: 1125 Sun 10 Jan
  11. drove my girlfriend to a night shift at the Hallamshire from heeley earlier this evening (7pm) and all the main roads were absolutely fine. In fact it probably took about 5 mins less that a normal drive up there would have as there were absolutely no other cars on the road! picking her up at 7.30am after a night of sub-zero temps is going to be another story tho I guess!
  12. Yeh just driven past this, blocked from the roundabout upto the middle of the stadium... There was a national express coach (I think) parked outside the pub within the closed off area, may have been an accident?
  13. eyes open in heeley mate, there has been an awful lot of VW vans stolen recently, mainly t25s, bays and splits but guess the tally is upto around 14 or so over the last 18 months in sheffield alone
  14. this estate he bought was our old family home. there was no tennis courts and the croquet lawn was a well mowed field! I remember he gave my auntie "jo" a real headache as the sale was going though!
  15. was just sat up at the hallamshire and heard "on the vine" a car pulled up covered in bulletholes, the guys all got out the car and walked into the hospital. shortly later armed police escorted a couple of ambulances away from the scene. guess this must be related!
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