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  1. Unrecordings

    RIP Andre Previn

    I watched a clip earlier today and had the best laugh in years. Apart from his obvious talent he had the humility & the good humour to be the straight man in one of the greatest TV gags of all time - going to watch that clip again now
  2. Unrecordings

    Cow Lane off Abbey Lane

    Lower side of Cow Lane had the out of control Cherry Laurel removed and trees planted about five years ago A few weeks ago the Cherry Laurel was removed on the upper side, with I think tree planting planned soon It's not wider, just feels that way now the Cherry Laurel has gone The horse gates have been there about a year, replacing the old wooden gates that were in situ for donkeys years (geddit)
  3. Not on Beyond 100 Days again (Tuesday), I hoped the proclamation might have prompted something, but it's only a 30 minute show that's pretty much dominated by Youknowwhat and Youknowwho Just did a quick google and it looks like proclamations are not that big a deal in the US, never mind finding news on Tony's - all I found was this: https://www.foxnews.com/world/us-officials-honor-uk-man-who-tends-memorial-of-us-airmen Obviously my google powers are waning...
  4. I thought that maybe it would get a mention on Beyond 100 Days (BBC transatlantic news show on BBC4 most evenings) but it didn't tonight, so I assume that for the BBC the story has run its course - which as explained by previous posters is possibly for the best
  5. I thought it ( the roll) strange so ended up googling it the other day and found no instance of the 'missing man' formation that included a victory roll/barrel roll by the symbolic missing pilot. I was beginning to think I imagined it so glad someone else saw it.
  6. ...and looking at my photos again, looks possibly like the pair of Typhoons (or F15s) would have been in front of the Stratotanker by the time they got to the park - from my vantage point it looks like they pulled ahead below the tanker and climbed in front of it around Meersbrook/Chesterfield Road
  7. In that case, to answer Lindy, the last three over Stannington must have been F15s
  8. I don't remember seeing the Typhoons - I saw the Dakota first, what looked like a Hercules and a single Osprey, then the Stratotanker, with something (or things) smaller below it, climbing, then finally the four F15s one of which I'm certain did a victory roll (but I couldn't lean far enough out of the window) Did I get that correct ? Were the Typhoons flying with the Stratotanker, or were they also F15 ?
  9. I think the problem with the BBC helicopter was that it would be forced to maintain some distance from the flight. That was just the live feed, hopefully they're editing something together for the evening news from various vantage points (and other third party sources)
  10. I'm glad I saw it even at a distance, the BBC footage (I've seen so far) didn't catch the F15 victory roll Hopefully you can see this:
  11. Thanks for that, I was hoping I might see the Dakota again on it's return trip - BBMF have a habit of using Abbey Lane for navigation - I've seen the Spitfire & Hurricane at low level over my garden several times in the last couple of years. I could just see today's flight over the tree line of Ecclesall Woods
  12. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/100years But doesn't necessarily mean the flypast is happening at that time in the morning as I read it
  13. Got the letter through my door - any horror stories or can I be confident they'll do a good job ?

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