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  1. Thanks for the reply. I tried going yesterday but despite driving round for a few mins couldn't find anywhere to park so gave up.
  2. Anyone tried this place yet? Doesn't seem to be on tripadvisor and the only review I found was on the Telegraph.
  3. Does anyone know anything about the green posts on Rotherham road or much about Radon / Methane in this area? A google / SF search hasn't revealed anything.
  4. I am buying at the moment and have viewed quite a few houses through Saxton. From a buyer's perspective, they have been fine for me. As a buyer, I ignore houses that I feel are over-priced, perhaps considering lowering your price would generate more viewings.
  5. Anyone been here recently? Has service improved?
  6. Have you thought about trying ear plugs till it is sorted? They will cut out a lot of noise, plus if you can sleep in a room further away from the adjoining wall and close doors, that would help cut down the noise too. Your neighbour couldn't be deaf could they? If the dog isn't seeming to bother them and they're not answering the door...
  7. Anyone know of a good planning consultant, either in Sheffield or not too far away?
  8. Has anyone heard of phones being pick-pocketed from bags in Meadowhall before? I'm surprised if it is common, as there is cctv everywhere, security wandering around, lots of people to see someone fumbling in someone else's bag or pocket. If it really is common, well that's another reason not to visit meadowhall! Oh and wouldn't such a thief be more likely to go and steal stock worth X from a shop, rather than from a member of the public, which could carry a higher penalty I would have thought.
  9. There's lots of listings in that section though, which is yours? Do you have it listed on Rightmove through an agent too? Edit: Guess it's this one? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-32810803.html?premiumA=true
  10. I don't have any experience of Westfield or surrounding areas. However what I find odd is that people say it is a bad area but that surrounding areas are OK or good. Yet the whole of S20 is so crammed together, surely the "bad elements" of Westfield will wander out and about, so is it that much worse to live in a nicer part of westfield than an adjacent part of another area? Forgot to say that you seem to get a lot more for your money in Westfield. There is a detached house I quite like the look of with a massive long garden, nicely decorated, reasonably private, v close to a tram stop and it's probably 10k less than it would be in one of the "nicer areas". The only thing is the house does look a bit more dated externally than houses in a place like Halfway.
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