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  1. they probably had their arms twisted up behind their backs
  2. Well said It's a case of do as I say, not as I do If gay people want to get married, then why shouldn't they be allowed? Gay marriages would probably last longer than straight marriages anyway. It's straight people that have gay children!
  3. I agree with a lot of what's been said on here and from people who vote Tory or Labour. Both parties have damaged this country, neither party follow through with what they say they're going to change
  4. Am I missing something here? I thought that 'Sport Relief' should go to sport facilities here in the UK not for giving to Africa to solve their health problems? This Country already gives a huge amount of money to overseas aid and has Red Nose Day for these charities. The money doesn't get to the people that need it anyway - their government spends it.
  5. I would recommend 'Orchard Park' at Tuxford, its a family friendly site. Its a quiet site (ie no entertainment) but has a lovely orchard for kids to play hide and seek in and ride bikes around. They let u pick apples, pears and plums when they're in season.
  6. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful but good luck with the ENT appointment
  7. have u tried P A Jewellery in Walkley? They make all their own jewellery on site and will make u a custom piece if u cant see something u want. I'm sure I only paid £15 to get my gold ring altered.
  8. Generally if a child is born at the beginning of a school year they start in September and if they're younger start in January. The school I work at have started taking the younger children in September if the parents want their children to start sooner. My advice would be to speak to the school about your concerns. If there is a problem they will work with you to help your child.
  9. My father and father in law worked in the steel industry in Sheffield and both were made redundant in their 50's. My dad inparticular found it hard to find employment after that. He had a few temporary jobs before finding a permanent job in another smaller steel works in Sheffield. He finally retired at 60 due to health problems. My father in law went on to work at various temp agencies. He's a highly skilled plater and helped build the roof for the National Centre for Pop Music in Patternoster Row.
  10. I've lived in Crookes, Crosspool and Fulwood; all are nice areas and are on a good bus route past the uni. Tapton secondary is a short walk from either the 51 or 60 bus stop. Lydgate middle is also on the 51 bus route. Crookes is the cheaper area to live and Fulwood the dearest. S10 postcode is one of the most affluent areas.
  11. We have an online account (online tariffs are cheaper). But someone still comes around annually to read our meters.
  12. My dad, John Copley, worked there in the 70s, not sure about the 60s though. The cow in the window always fascinated me. My sister and me used to climb the huge stack of cardboard while we waited for him to finish work.
  13. Hedge hopping was great fun lol:hihi:
  14. Good idea. That would keep them busy for a long time. Walkley cemetery desperately needs doing too
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