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  1. Thanks, still after other options too. Will keep looking :-)
  2. I know it's an old thread but I'm on the look out for hairless plus either Rex or dumbo if any breeders are known please. Not wanting for food or breeding, just pets. Thanks
  3. I went to jolleys today but they were not very helpful but i will try ringing them instead and asking about ordering. Markham Grange is unfortunately too far as we have no car but thank you for your reply. x
  4. Hi I am looking for a pet store that sells the pellet form complete parrot food please. Everywhere sells seed mixes but I am struggling to find pellets without ordering online and as I only use them as part of their diet, our two CAGS don't seem to go through enough to warrant buying two sacks in order to save on postage and the £4+ postage makes the smaller bags much more expensive Thanks in advance
  5. Sorry to hear that, I am not far away so will keep an eye out. We have two greys and I would hate to lose either of them. Have you tried leaving the cage outside (if possible) as sometimes they hand around and can fly to their cage for security. Hope you find your bird.
  6. Hi folks I am looking for peeps who left F.P.S in 1993. A few of us are trying to organise a get together since it is now 20 years since we left there. PM me with any details xx
  7. could someone point me in the right direction for supplies to use in raw food recipes please such as not costing the earth bags of nuts and cacoa powder and butter please :-) preferably in sheffield rather than ordering online but will use that option if necessary
  8. Hi all i'm searching for ox cheeks if anyone has seen where they are for sale?? I have tried the market with naff all luck:confused:
  9. 11 days to go and i'm still waiting for money back from a venue cancelled in february. 2 days ago i sacked my life long friend and matron of honour and i am still yet to have people give me a final yes or no if they're going to be there or not. my son lost over 2 stone so needed a new suit, he ended up with my hub to be's and we bought him a new suit instead. this is just the tip of the iceberg!! the only worries i have about the weather is if its too hot or even quite sunny cos i don't want my make up running with sweat but i don't want torrential rain either. any remedies for calmness??
  10. Very rarely do i go out but was talked into it last night and as usual was looking forward to enjoying myself and letting my hair down and relaxing in The Casbah only to find it has been closed. Anyone know why?
  11. can they be put on roofs on end houses as its the side of our roof that is south facing. I'm gutted if we can't as I've always wanted them. How much are they to buy?
  12. quite worried about the trouble going on around wybourn and skyedge for when he walls home from all saints school. We have been told of a shooting but can't work out if real or not :-(
  13. aww my first marriage was held there and both my children christened there even though we lived across the city. lovely space inside.
  14. i'm sure manor park has a huge radiator around it cos snow sends one flake then decides its not worth trying to land.
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