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  1. I think they included pinstone street and orchard square too
  2. verydull

    Machete Attack McDonald's Sheffield

    I don't mind the questions around his mental illness or lack of. What I do mind is the language in this thread. Would you be so derogatory about people's races.. o yes this is s.f. on you go
  3. verydull

    Northern Rail strikes

    You simply can't compare the highly staffed well connected and funded underground to the infastructure of the northern rail area of opperation. Northern run trains through rural and isolated areas, which usually have unmanned stations. Without the back up of a guard there will be no one checking tickets, and at certain times of the week and day, absolute chaos with overloaded trains and anti social behavior. I don't think northern have thought it through, unless the extra person will be doing these things. All I care about is getting my train services back, so I'm not freezing half to death on a train platform on Saturday nights.. ta
  4. verydull

    Northern Rail strikes

    Unfortunately for me there has been no other way of getting there and I have seriously had enough of it. Every Saturday is just not fair on those of us who need the service every week. There is no reason for driver only operation, and it doesn't make sense if it's Money driven as they will lose that money in fares, as all stations are open and not staffed
  5. verydull

    Northern Rail strikes

    Not weeks, since August 18
  6. To see how many trams they can crash? Working well sofar
  7. verydull

    Fallen tree blocking Normanton Hill

    according to twitter, 56 bus is diverting because of a fallen tree on wybourn.
  8. The other day I was standing in town using the tracking app. Bus went to due and at the same time an out of service bus went past. Suspicious I got on the next bus to the next stop to see if my bus was there. It was, and it had been told to run empty to Arundel gate to make time up. As for timetables. Don't bother with them, use one of the apps on your phone to track them, like some of the buses in town. Sometimes I get strange looks for not getting on the bus in front cos I know there's one 2 minutes behind that's always going to be quieter.
  9. verydull

    Supertram staff to strike..

    I don't think we could now get by without it. When trams come along, buses etc are re routed and change to fit with trams. It would have to include reversing and re organising the whole network
  10. verydull

    A cross county journey planner?

    wish i could drive cos i could do the journey in half the time its often by accident I find these connections, but typically today with northern rail and tram works my plans have gone awry. i usually ignore the journey planner telling me to get a 50, but go for a tram instead because it gets me to a better place for my onward bus in town. now the improvement works means that journey will take longer and ill miss my connection in town. and the reduced timetable because of northern rail.. yea, today its not looking like an easy journey home.
  11. verydull

    A cross county journey planner?

    there is the 53 and a for the evening. Thats where the problem lies. That one only goes to halfway. Trying to get from halfway to my house is tricky when i can only get the journey planner to go to sheffield. It becomes undecided whether to go to eckington bus station for the 50 or another random bus stop for the 50, or even the tram. And no, its not a simple case of using national rail, as much as I like to. the most efficient route is to go via alfreton as it cuts off the need to go through nottingham, or even worksop, so to plan that journey I actually use three journey planners, east midlands, national rail and south yorkshire. yup, its a complex one.
  12. Can anyone help me? I commute from Sheffield to Mansfield quite often and its really fustrating because I have to use both the east midlands and south yorkshire journey planners and make a best guess between the 2 the best route. It also wont let me go to postcode on either site because it doesnt have the timetables for each others services. (seriously try it) Does anyone know of a better journey planner that covers derbyshire nottinghamshire and south yorkshire all together? thanks
  13. verydull

    Supertram free travel

    There is a big difference between trams and buses. The bus drivers have to enforce the fares, but the tram conductors just have to ensure that passenger's have been given the opportunity to buy the ticket. It is only the inspector that can enforce the rules around tickets.
  14. verydull

    Bin collections in the snow...

    Great, your volunteering your car.. Last time I checked they don't accept walk ups at the dump site. And I can't take my black bin on the bus without being stared at..
  15. So today the bin men came down our road. The advice from veolia on twitter was to not put the bins out if it wasnt safe, and that the bin men would also not be working if it wasn't safe. However, I heard them this morning shouting all the numbers they couldnt collect, as in every single house on this side of the road. We have steep steps to get the bins up and heeding the advice I didnt take them up because it wasn't safe. There was snow on the steps, as clearing it would have resulted in ice (and I dont have a shovel, and since the steps are blocked couldnt have gone and got one. The bin men told me they weren't coming back, but weren't even doing the ones they usually have to come down for either because they didnt deem it safe. I rang veolia and they said I should have taken them up and because i didnt present my bin, then I hve to wait 2 weeks, despite it not being any of our fault that we were not expecting the bin men to make it today with the dangerous weather. anyone got any idea where i can complain to, because trying to wait 2 more weeks for a black bin collection is impossible.

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