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  1. Brass bands in Sheffield Stannington City Of Sheffield South Yorkshire Police Band - attending National Finals in Harrogate 26/05 Chapeltown Silver - attending National Finals in Harrogate Loxley Deepcar Oughtibridge Woodhouse Sheffield 13 A little further afield: Dronfield Killamarsh Dinnington - National finalists Thurcroft Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Worsborough - National finalist Barnsley Building Society Barnsley Met Stratabrass Rockingham
  2. I think its run by Dronfield Band (brass band) they have been having them there on a regular basis to raise funds to take the band to the National Lower Section National Brass Band Championships in Harrogate. They won through to that event by being placed 2nd at the "area" contest with 23 other Midlands based bands and then went on to take on 18 other winning brass bands from all over the country, Wales, Yorkshire, South West, North East, North West, Scotland and London. The contest took place on the 25th September and the band came 2nd, other local bands taking part were Maltby (10th), Whitwell (16th) and Thurcroft (17th). I'm told they have some lovely buns and cakes on the stall - but you need to get there early to scoop those up.
  3. Drove through the stretch by Junction 34 to 35 yesterday and all the 50mph signs had been removed (both directions) but the cameras are still there, no sign saying "Camera not in use". Unfortunately many local drivers being aware that this had been restricted previously to 50 were observing this speed - many others not been told that it was a restriction were maintaining motorway speed - I believe you can get fined for driving too slow on a motorway. At the end of the camera area there was however still a "national speed limit applies sign" - so what do people think - restricited to 50 because it used to be or 70?
  4. Morrisons do a Polish Bloomer, which is mainly rye but is soft not hard. Very nice and relatively cheap at 80p compared to other speciality breads.
  5. Not sure how far you want to go but St Giles Church Hall, Sheepcote Road Killamarsh, S21 1DU might be suitable - tel 0114 2482769 details here. Has a very large dance floor and a small stage for the band, bar facilities too and capacity for 175
  6. I wonder if the logic behind closing the nearest tram stop is to split the crowd - half going to the next nearest to Meadowhall (if that's where theyve come from) half going to the next nearest towards Sheffield Centre. Rather than everyone exiting to the nearest tram stop. I'm sure there must be some reasoning behind the closure for an hour when people are turning out. Sometimes a bit of explanation is all people need, why not just say why? Oh they have said why "The Arena / Don Valley Stadium tram station will be closed from around 10:30pm until 11pm, to help assist with the dispersal of the crowds from the concert on the grounds of safety reasons"
  7. My office is between the Arena and Meadowhall and we had the police round lawst week advising us to close by 3pm (2 hours early) so that we can all get home without the obvious delay that is going to be generated by this concert. That seems to be a lot of staff all the way along Sheffield Road being advised to finish work 2 hours early - I wonder how much that is going to cost the local business?
  8. Had to nip into Sheffield to visit M&S (couldn't get some foreign currency at Meadowhall) and headed to Cole Bros to park - turned up by Crucible to discover we've got a Victorian road recreation all the way up past the Town Hall - and as the paving and pedestrian areas seem to mingle together people just wonder across the road at various spots - top of Fargate there are smooth black paviours across the road - is that meant to be a crossing of some kind where you have to give way to pedestrians? Not seen that one in the High Way Code.
  9. Well I'm pleased to note that the report I made on the 02/07/2009 has been dealt with - got emails back from Street Force soon after the Fixmystreet report and repair undertaken in less than 3 weeks - well done. Not sure whether it was already planned to be done but it's been temporarilly repaired so someone takes notice.
  10. I recently purchased a new additional TV and had it delivered to my work. We subsequently received a letter at work confirming that a TV had been delivered however that there was no valid TV licence there. Wrote back as requested and explained why we didn't need a licence (cos it's not watched at work) - now received a further letter confirming this but they want to visit to ensure that the premises didn't need a licence. In the same letter it states what the licence fee is and that if a TV is found to be present then there can be a fine up to £1,000.00 Basically they are saying that whatever address a TV is delivered to that must be the place where it will be used and that dispite them being told the circumstances of the delivery they want to waiste time and money coming out and checking - pointless. We don't have an ariel let alone a TV plugged into it, we do however have a very large satelite dish that was installed when we first got a broadband system some years ago - that is disconnected as we now have landline broadband. Me thinks they've already been and had a look and made an erroneous assumption.
  11. I was thinking exactly the same myself - never run a "flag day" but I have occasional arranged for a brass band to play in various town center venues around the country and asked permission to hold a collection whilst we played. We had to apply in advance and provided no other permission had been given we were allowed to collect. Given some very stict rules about what we could and couldnt do - no shaking of tins, collectors to be no closer than 20metres apart. Collectors had to have identification, tins had to be sealed and what ever money we collected a set of accounts prepared and advertised in a local newspaper. I wonder how many of these collections relate to those rules or have the streets been openned up as a free-for-all?
  12. Totally agree with that - I've used it a number of times in Killamarsh and stuff seems to get sorted. Plus you don't even have to be a resident in the area to report any problems you find - they locate the relevant authority and post the complaint. There's some pretty bad road issues on my way to work but I dont live in Sheffield and as already said above you can see if the problem has already been reported on line and very quickly - do Streetforce have that information if you ring up?
  13. Can also recommend Thorpe Hall at Rudston near Bridlington here Tarrif is £16 per night until 16/07 then ups to £23 per tent through summer season. Very nice site, heated shower and toilet block also they do lovely home-made cakes in the shop but dont hang around because they soon sell out. A fair walk down to nearest pub (1 mile away) The Bosville Arms which has some good beer and food. The walk back to the campsite is always fun, passing the local graveyard in the dark with the hooting of barn owls and bats flying by.
  14. Agreed Barn Farm good but think dogs arent allowed there. The best in Derbyshire is probably Callow Top at Ashbourne, everything from a swimming pool to a pub all on site. Dogs allowed if on leads but it is pricey at £23 per family tent per night.
  15. There were £12 vouchers for a 2 course meal and glass of wine at Loch Fyne restaurants in the Mail On Sunday this week.
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