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  1. what footwear should i wear for a beach wedding in bermuda as a guest, the bride is wearing some like flipflops with shells on the top and little chains its going to be soft sand so is it acceptable to go bare foot and carry shoes for later
  2. :partyhat: Happy Birthday have a great day :banana:
  3. Please god please please please dont let him be gay
  4. do you mean is he after her money i hope shes got more going for her than that sid
  5. im not saying what the person did was right sending naughty emails but its not very nice looking at other peoples emails either. I know someone this happened to and they split up through a stupid argument over an email and it caused a lot of hurt she just walked away and had some dignity and pride as much as it hurt her
  6. im sure when the weather is warmer kevin will pop round, cats never forget but are not the most faithful of creatures but never forget a kindness
  7. there must be hundreds of homeless cats, why not visit the cat shelter and get one if you can offer a loving home to one, and really do want one Just as an after thought how do you know he is in all the time and some cats like it that way
  8. tell them we all know about it now and will boycott their magazine dont tell them most of us probably dont buy it anyway after all the controversy over phone in competitions I would have though they would know how bad things can get
  9. i thought when you posted last time you didnt want it, you could always swap it for a badger
  10. then after that get a professional in to put the damage right
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