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  1. Had the same email as alandrea0 stating unable to take payment for tv licence. Also had a call from a company named House Guard . They knew I had had cavity wall insulation installed a few years ago. They knew this because they have bought a list of people who had done so. They andI I are aware this has caused damp in some properties . The call came from a spoofed Sheffield number. House guard is in Bournemouth. they asked would I like their surveyor to inspect for damp. I agreed. he arrived and professed to be a surveyor NOT a salesman . " We are working with the government" he stated . The government is offering subsidies to rectify damp caused by cavity wall installations. I am aware that poorly or wrongly installed cavity insulation may cause damp. So the surveyor " not a salesman " gets out his little protimeter ( damp meter) and proceeds to tell me any reading above 5 and you have got damp. Well what a surprise the first reading in my living room was 15 . Second room 12. At this stage I told him I know there is some efflorescence on one of the external walls. Efflorescence is just the techical name for the white powdering deposits of salts on the outside of brickwork. He did not have clue what I meant when i mentioned efflorescence. Well he was kindhearted because he then phoned his office to find out it would cost me only £ 3000 to cure the rising damp I don't have and it was only £ 3000 as his company were getting a £ 1000 from the government to reduce the cost.
  2. Gilberts on Sharrowvale Road can make furniture to order.
  3. Log on to the BFI ( British Film Institute ) website . Wings of Mystery filmed in Parkwood Springs and ESC. There are also some documentaries including New Towns for Old and also Hook Line and Sheffield.
  4. Hello Jim in Perth . Is there a chance the inscription on the cricket medal is N and D CL, rather than N and O CL. If so it may be from the now defunct Norton and District Cricket league.
  5. Look for Don Morris [ alias Mopsey] on Facebook. Top lad , top Northern soul DJ.
  6. You can logon to the BFI ( British Film Institute) site and search free fims. There are a number of films about Sheffield including Hook Line and Sheffield and the fascinating " New Towns for Old."
  7. Peter Ludgate at Hubble sports has a website . They sell refurbished bar billiards tables.
  8. If it is " Hook Line and Sheffield " anyone in UK can watch it now by logging on to the BFI ( British Film Institute) site.
  9. Repair on either solar inverter or generation meter advice please. Solar panels, inverter and generation meter installed March 2011. Generated electricity not registering so don't know if it is inverter or meter failure. Electricity supplier states not their problem. Installer no longer trading , a fact which seems to be quite commonplace. Advice welcome
  10. Is there anyone fancies a game of cricket tomorrow ? The start time is 1.30 . Players of any ability welcome.
  11. Banner Cross garage , Murray Road S11. Big thumbs up to these young men who sorted out putting a new flex on my Kia Sportage. I had already had two other garages turn down the job as they thought they could cause more damage to the vehicle while repairing it because of the rusted connections. Another pleasant surprise was I had the opportunity to see the job before and after completion. I would heartily recommend them.
  12. I ended up getting mine from Royston Glass in Barnsley. If my memory serves me well if you ring them with the required dimensions they will give you a quote and you might want to visit them to view the colour choice.
  13. Midweek league cricket team desperately short of players for a league game tonight. Please contact me if you fancy a game of competetive cricket tonight 6.15 start. Long established but currently struggling team needs players. You might be a young lad or lass who fancies playing adult cricket or maybe you haven't played for years but fancy getting out the whites .
  14. Thanks for the help. I have visited Handley Rose Nurseries and can heartily recommend anyone visiting there. They didn't have one there and it doesn't appear on their website. I thought someone might notice one in a local garden centre. Black pearl rose, also named Rosa Perle Noire, Delurt.
  15. Anybody know where I can get hold of a Black Pearl rose plant from somewhere near Sheffield?
  16. My sister who now lives in Canada has asked if I can get hold of any books about the history of Parkwood Springs. Any advice , recommendations or suggestions?
  17. Is the bird wearing any jesses, anklets or any transmitter?
  18. The Fargate branch used to be open into the early hours. I recall the days when clubs had to close at 2 a m. Wimpey was a regular calling spot after closing time to be greeted by a delightful West Indian lady. I think her name was Gloria and used to welcome us with " D'ya want a cup a tea love?" She was a bubbly character and I am sure many people of my age will remember her fondly.
  19. I need 2 players for a midweek game tonight in S8. Hopefully you will enjoy it and might be tempted to play regularly. Even if it is a one off appearance you will be doing us a big favour. You do not need to be brilliant !!!!!!
  20. People are often deceitful when parting with dogs because they cannot come to terms with the fact they shouldn't have got one in the first place. An example of this was friends of ours informed us they had lost their bearded collie. My wife and I went searching Bingham and Endcliffe parks looking for the dog.I drove round looking for her as well. Many years later , during a boozy night they inadvertantly revealed they had sold the dog!!!!!:
  21. Woodseats to Firth Park and for a while Coal Aston to Firth Park Grammar School.
  22. I can wholeheartedly recommend Kashmiri Aroma on Woodseats. We visited there last night as the place had been recommended by a pal of mine. Everything about the place was excellent. The decor and staff were excellent and the food was tasty and presented well. A word of praise for Nomi who looked after us . I think he may be one of the owners.
  23. It will never be over for me ........ Timi Yuro Long after tonight is all over....... Jimmy Radcliffe Heartaches away my boy........ Christine Cooper I can't help loving you ........ Paul Anka Stop and you will become aware... Helen Shapiro Real Humdinger ........ JJ Barnes Please let me in ...... JJ Barnes Our love is in the pocket ...... J Barnes Festival Time ............... San Remo Strings
  24. Some names from my fellow pupils at Beck Road School while I was there. There were some lovely girls. Elaine Morris, Jane Middleton, Pauline Pearson, Sylvia Hudson, Shiela Needham, Julie Mosforth, Janet Capel, Denise Huxtable, Margaret Crownshaw, Janet Howe, Lynn Crawshaw; and of course some lads: Chris Wilson, Kevin Marriott, George Stacey, Steven Bourne, Paul Hurst, Ralph Fenton,Kevin Senior, Glyn Weldon, Andrew Christer,Brian Taylor, Brian Fletcher, Paul Shannon.
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