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  1. Hi Ron, You account appears to be active, I suggest trying to reset your password (this goes for anyone else having the same trouble) You can do this by visiting tradesheffield.co.uk and clicking on "reset your password" (located in the login box on the right) Simply enter the email you originally registered and further instructions will be sent to that address. Hope this helps, let me know if you need further assistance
  2. T'was a general email. As far as I remember it was asking users to register or login (and more importantly: forward the email) - so you may have registered already but other people on the list won't have. ...A "catch all" if you will. The mail went round because you can now enter the products and services that your business buys and sells. So I've you've already registered but not filled that info in yet, I strongly suggest logging in to complete your profile. Cheers
  3. My apologies, I meant anyone with an "S" postcode - Typo on my part. Yes, if you create an account you can use the trade sheffield logo on your letterheads etc, there will also be a membership number you can print which will allow other businesses to look you up on the site. Interesting idea about the Made in sheffield Mark, are you purely thinking from a "logo" perspective here? I'll certainly put that idea forward. In answer to the other questions, the next phase of the site has gone live so you may now begin adding products and services you buy/sell in preparation for the launch of the matching system. Once we have enough data to being matching businesses with each other to create potential sales we will launch the matching system. This is expected to happen in the next few weeks. Trade Sheffield will be completely free to begin with. Our client is considering sponsorship as a revenue model, advertising MAY be avaible to business in the future but for the forseable future businesses may use this service completely free. I apologise once again for confusing everyone with the whole postcode mixup :-p If you have any more questions feel free to ask here, if you have a more private question you can email info@tradesheffield.co.uk or support@tradesheffield.co.uk (for technical support) Cheers for all yoru feedback so far guys,
  4. We are reading Thanks for the feedback. S8Design are developing the web aspect of Trade Sheffield, but the actual concept was devised by Richard Mills. Essentialy we are offering a tool to help businesses trade locally where possible. I won't tell you guys too much about the mechanics of it but the idea is to make finding relevant suppliers much faster, without the need to pour over endless, irrelivant search results. Instead results will be targeted based on business criteria you have specified and can add to at any time. Even if you're not especially interested in trading locally, it's worth your time to check your not missing out on better deals from Sheffield businesses. Oh and btw... It's open to anyone with an S8 postcode Hope that clears things up for you, at least a little... - Matt PS: We're not blinkered in our approach, so please be open and forward if you have any other suggestions or questions. Thanks.
  5. Here's a failry comprehensive review for anyone still undecided about giving abuelo a try. The review isn't my own opinion as i've not been.
  6. If anyone's still struggling to get contact details for this place here ya go: Mish Mash Sounds like people either love it or hate it. I've not been so I can't comment.
  7. Now that it's open has anyone tried it? What do people think? I've not been yet myself but a foodie friend of mine has as she said that if you take it for what it is abuelo is a great bar. Here's her full review: Abuelo review
  8. 56 clothing and jewellery shops 26 in clothing & fashion alone Then there are shoe shops, tailors etc...
  9. The best advice I've had is to shop around, not just for the best price but the most reliable service too. There are lots of companies and individuals trying their hand at energy certification, not all of them offer a good service. Also you should choose a company which specifies in the type of premesis you wish to have certified, whether it be a residential, commercial or public building. DomCom Energy Services are a leading local provider for comercial and public EPC and DEC Swell Dweller Sheffield on the other hand offer a competitive price and service on residential certificates You can compare these with the quotes you are already getting.
  10. Take one look at the plethora of categories on Discover Ecclesall and you'll see there's more variety there than most places in Sheffield. 56 Clothing and jewellery shops! 35 Home/Garden related shops 42 places to get your hair cut (no kidding!) 116 in the Food & Drink category alone! (40 of which are bars and restaurants) 26 gift shops/books shops/hobby shops 17 garages and 5 technology shops (how many plasma TV's do you need... Really...) It's not hard to get to on publc transport, and for all the complaints about the parking fees, at least you can find a spot there. And it's worth it... This place has more shops than meadowhall...
  11. Absolutely, and they have way more soul than big chain shops! Chains have their place too but I'm pretty sure you'd notice if all the local businesses suddenly closed up. It's all part of an area's character. Local businesses make Ecclesall Road the place it is! It's just a shame that more chains are moving in and fees are forcing local businesses out.
  12. Ok, let's shake hands and put the pistols away hur hur... ...Soo anyway, you like metal?? Oh darn, that's off-topic too!
  13. We didn't mention parking, you did. I'm not having a go, but I think you're right, there are better places to raise this issue. Anyway, There's resonable public transport access to Ecclesall Road and Broomhill so what's the big deal?
  14. Nice one, besides if you want a unique gift, go to a unique shop :-) The road parallell to ecclesall road is Sharrowvale Road, there are a few chains but mostly it's local businesses.
  15. I don't have any direct affiliation with the shops on ecclesall road. I wanted to post the link because it's a great site and if you need to know about any of the shops on Ecclesall Road... Dude it's the place to look! I'm sorry you don't think that will benefit anyone on here trying to do their christmas shopping...
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