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  1. Not to me, no. But I'm glad that it's happened. Now lets scrap this austerity nonsense and get more tax revenue in. Of course they are going to do a 'working man's' budget just before the election, they have been completely screwing the 'working man' for five years and now need his vote. ---------- Post added 18-03-2015 at 16:50 ---------- Well quite, but with higher taxes (and in particular I mean people earning over £100k and businesses) we could raise minimum wages and make sure that the NHS, police etc, were properly funded. But the problem is that politicians have no incentive to help the country as a whole when they are shareholders or own businesses that are talking all the money. And the banks were once a service, now they basically own us.
  2. I'd rather live in a country where we all paid more tax and the country felt like it was working. Sure, the rich have got richer over the last five years and businesses are starting to pick up, but there is no trickle down in these economics. We have the money in the country to all live a happy and healthy life in a clean and safe country, but that means businesses and the rich paying a lot more tax and the middle class paying a little more tax... I'd be happy to. I value society over meaningless figures.
  3. I'm happy to pay more tax for a better system, yes.
  4. There are only 16 pages. However, as you will see the parent company own 85% and the debt is owed to them. It's like you taking money from your savings account and paying it back to yourself (but yes with interest in this case because people actually want to make money out of business). It's soft debt and in the football world it's not that much.
  5. The main thing, as people have said, is investment. We have a government who want to get rid of the NHS so they are starving it of funds and blaming the system itself. We need to put more money in and we'll get more out.
  6. I have three contrasting opinions... 1) I'm a Sheffield United supporter and want to get promotion, so I'd love us to have a 30 goal a season striker. I think this is the thing that motivates most fans. 2) I believe that if you have served your sentence you should be allowed back into society and should be able to be a constructive part of it. 3) I don't want a convicted rapist playing for my football club, especially one who is not repentant. I think this one out-weighs the other two for me. I suppose nobody will know the truth about what happened apart from the people who were there, but I do believe that he did rape her as she was too drunk to give consent. And yes, that is rape and it's just as bad as any other rape and shouldn't be dismissed. If he had admitted that and been repentant I would have felt more likely to want him back at the club.
  7. I find it amazing that people even want to debate the facts after watching the video. Both parties made mistakes, we all make mistakes every day. You have to try to limit the mistakes you make, especially when in control of a vehicle that can so easily kill, as we have just seen. It should be a message to ALL drives to be focused and careful at all times. Drivers should be extremely careful when turning across fast moving traffic like that and someone on something so delicate as a motorbike should stay at a safe speed. Having said that, we've all made mistakes in cars and on bikes and this is what happens when mistakes coincide with each other in what is known as 'bad timing'. Lets just all be more careful and avoid blame.
  8. Not really, but it's certainly looking worse since then. I meant more the late 90s and early 2000s when there seemed to be a sense of pride and optimism. I'm not saying things were great, but markedly better.
  9. I like the new M&S, yeah. That looks good. I thought the upper and middle bits weren't looking as nice as they did a few years ago and they don't seem to be as vibrant, but it could be lack of students. It's still quite nice around there. I hope all the redevelopment gets finished soon and that should make a massive difference, hopefully.
  10. I don't really care, if people in Sheffield want to vote Tory then fair enough, but you will never see the benefits around you very often. I'm glad some of the roads have been resurfaced but most still look bad for a third world country... They're also being resurfaced all around the country. ---------- Post added 19-08-2014 at 16:31 ---------- I'm not living in Sheffield.
  11. I didn't see much of what you described. I walked from Nether Edge, through Abbeydale and Sharrow, London Road, Abbeydale Road, Eccelsall Road, up the moor and through town to the Town Hall and around Fargate. I later went around West Street and that area. I saw the new market, it looks better than the hole and great if you want bargain basement shops (which are valued and important to an economy) but much of the rest of the place looked very run down. There are far fewer shops around than there were 10/15 years ago and the litter and graffiti are far worse. I also saw an awful lot of for sale or to let signs around the place and empty looking new developments. I hope all the redevelopment kicks in and the place can start to catch up again.
  12. I remember spending some nights out in Hillsborough about 15 years ago and it certainly looks much more run down than then and as already noted, the nightlife has died off. ---------- Post added 19-08-2014 at 16:01 ---------- Rotherham is pretty much a suburb of Sheffield anyway, but yes I expect that it suffers far more as it doesn't have the economic pull that Sheffield has.
  13. I do appreciate Sheffield. I actually think it's the fact that when you live in it you don't really notice the downturn. I was born in Sheffield and stayed there (on and off) for over 30 years. I think it's only because of being away and coming back that I noticed what has been happening, I'm sure it started before I left.
  14. I only left Sheffield two years ago but I came back last weekend and I was really quite shocked at how the city has gone backwards. The place is looking tired and so many shops/pubs/businesses are now empty and closed up for good. I walked right the way through town and also around the areas I used to live in, as well as driving around the city, and it felt so much like Sheffield in the 80s. I suppose it's the result of a Tory government and a lack of investment, but it's such a shame to see. Even things like graffiti and petty vandalism are being left when in previous years they would have been put right. I suppose there is no longer the money. The streets look dirtier and there is much more litter, it was like going back in time. There was also the feel of a bit of a ghost town, but I'll put that down to the students being away. Maybe the council don't bother to keep the place as clean outside of term time? I love Sheffield dearly, and I hope to see an upswing soon, hopefully after the next election.
  15. Asking what a word means is a sign of intelligence, not stupidity.
  16. I think we might take a bit of a beating, but would love to just see us get a goal!
  17. It's still quite easy to get tickets. Although if anyone does have need a couple of tickets then drop me a message.
  18. I love Sheffield dearly, I miss it a lot, but I'm so glad I got the chance to move to London. It's miles ahead of other cities in so many ways, and as someone who works in the arts I feel I have very little choice but to work in the capital as the rest of the country is culturally starved.
  19. I know you're joking, but she probably spent 3 years working on that film too. From first readings to script work and research through to filming and then press tours. And yes, there are very few people in the world who could do it, like with Rooney.
  20. They had no reason or cause to require a specimen anyway, though.
  21. But you could say that about cigarettes or having affairs or pretty much anything we do that could have a negative affect on children... Yet we all do them because every single person in the world is selfish to some extent. He was a wonderful actor, one of my all time favourites, and I think he is a massive loss. I'm glad he stayed clean for so many years and provided us with such an amazing back catalogue.
  22. http://multimedia.food.gov.uk/multimedia/pdfs/nutguideuk.pdf
  23. Smoking is different in that even if you follow all guidelines on using the product, it still kills you.
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