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  1. I'm a bit out of touch with the scene at the minute, can anyone tell me the best places to find it sheffield?
  2. Until you become a moderator on this site kindly don't tell me what i can and can't say on it.
  3. total lack of respect for anything again huh! are you 14?
  4. Shukokai Karate taught by Sensei B.Nash 7th Dan Hillsborough Leisure centre Wednesday & Friday 6:15-7.45pm Ponds Forge Tuesday & Thursday 6:15-7:45pm Can't recommend him enough, excellent.
  5. haha who voted for that one! I have a vision of Napolean Dynamite struggling with gyakuzuki for months.
  6. Why the hell would i have to know to have an opinion of my own?! what are you fool/child/both (delete as applicable). If you keep lashing as opposed to answering fair points you should change your user name to Freddy2. I didn't want to enter in to the back biting that seems to arise with these AFK threads and was just defending the other instructors on this site (of which I am one), it seems anyone outside of your little clique doesn't even have a chance at putting their point across. I'm sure if Farhad looked at these threads he would be ashamed of you, what a poor example of common courtesy.
  7. With your undoubtedly vast experience of both TKD and JJ don't you think you should criticize the quality of instruction you received, not the art.
  8. I'd love to see a GKR rep on here just to see them try and justify their practices. I'd also love to know how "Kancho" Sullivan managed to get from 2nd Dan gojo ryu to 7th Dan GKR all under his own steam! I hereby declare myself a 10th Dan Hanshi (if he can, I damn well can )
  9. If one of them knocked on my door I'd probably ask them if they wanted private kata lessons for £30 an hour
  10. that's how to generate interest in your thread?! I'm not meaning to offend and I'm sure your a good guy with a good class. Don't you think if maybe you just posted some more information about your class, some recent or upcoming events perhaps? "bump............" is a little empty, desperate and a little insulting to martial artists that follow these posts with interest.
  11. is the 393 club opposite morrisons, with the taekwondo logo on the outside wall? I should be able to make sundays as well, this is looking good!
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