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  1. Not an Alpine one unfortunately, but is a Barr one suitable? http://static.commercialmotor.com/big-lorry-blog/Barr%20soft%20drinks%20Bedford%20TK.jpg https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2816/10976117803_99514971bd.jpg
  2. If they are that well camouflaged how do you find them to milk them? Do the farmers use teams of specialist cowdaver dogs? or is there a simpler explanation?
  3. Thanks for the replies. That's not a bad idea Choogling, but unfortunately i don't do ebay or paypal as i was ripped off for nearly £700 a couple of years ago. Certainly having another look at the 7000. And looks like a visit to Harrisons is imminent.
  4. I have always had Nikon cameras and in 2006 i decided to put my F801 (being a slide buff till the end) to rest and buy a D80, shortly after i bought a D40 as a back up although this is rarely used. I'm not one for chasing technology and i am still more than happy at the results i get from from the kit i have. Recently, now getting a bit long in the tooth and aching in places i didn't know i had, i was wondering if i ought to have a camera with live view and maybe with a tilt viewfinder for the lower shots. I have been looking at reviews on the D3200, D5200, D7100 and the D7200. I am a very keen photographer but certainly no pro although i am successful in many comps. I'm not a believer in the highest pixel count is better and i'm not bothered about the cost. If any of you have the above models, what do you like about them, and what are the cons. Reviews only tell you part of the story and are no comparison for personal experience. At the moment i am leaning towards the D5200 purely for the tilt view option. Should i change, do i need to change??????
  5. I get many calls asking for my business details and "to confirm details held on our database", i point blank refuse to give or confirm any of my details , even including my name, over the phone and they must send me a letter, i never received one yet. Last year i received a phone call from a person claiming he was from the Newark tax office and he wanted to confirm some details on my account. I refused and asked him his name and told him i would ring him back, he was about to tell me his number and i said i would find it myself. I looked up the number, rang it and asked to speak to the person. He actually existed and i was put through to him. He congratulated me on my caution and said i was the first person ever to do that and he said people just took it for granted and answered his questions straight away.
  6. If it's so wrong to pick your nose, why are your fingers made the exact size to fit in your nostrils.
  7. If the cover is for retail premises are you sure it is solely for public liability. Surely for a retail shop the insurance should also be for, stock, theft, employers liability, goods in transit, building and fittings damage, window cover, etc etc. Mine covers all this and more for around £400 and is with my bank...Nat West.
  8. I think this song is brill and brings back some memories.
  9. I've been with Saga for the last 10 years, last years premium was £345, i've not had a bump for over 20years, never had a conviction for anything, this years renewal quote was £986.40. When i rung them they said this type of increase was normal with all insurances this year and offered me "free" legal ins valued at £27. First time ever this year and i used the comparison websites and got it for £254+£47 for breakdown from the AA.
  10. Just one variation of the scam http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-2153237/Conmen-increasingly-target-motorists-next.html
  11. There are many tutorials both for your camera and also techniques on you tube. A good online mag is http://www.ephotozine.com/ or http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials.htm
  12. I've tried the Bradfield water plant, but it's pretty well boarded up. The old Loxely brickworks are accessible though, follow the signs for the fishing ponds, but watch out for the manholes with no covers on, they are deep and dangerous. The river running past is also interesting as there are a lot of old mill relics in the water and on the bank.
  13. I have an Exilim ZR100 compact camera that i always keep in my pocket, unfortunately i have just dropped it and the catch that holds the battery compartment door shut as broke. The camera still works if i use a bit of tape to keep it closed but i would much prefer to have it repaired. The catch can be replaced but it would be much easier to replace the whole door as this is only held in by the type of spring catch pin that holds a watch strap on. I have rung Casio and they do not supply camera spares (only watch parts). They say if i send it to them with £75 +vat they will attempt to repair it. One, i feel this is too much for the damage and two, the operative word is attempt. Plus i can buy a new one for £140, or even the ZR300 for £210 So my question is, as anyone got one of these camera's that as broke beyond repair so that i could buy to salvage the battery lid.
  14. We use Very on a regular basis and have found them to be very good, both on deliveries and returns. In the case of an appliance, what they mean is that if it is faulty, do not just sent it back. Phone up and they will either send or put you in touch with an engineer to come to your home. If it does turn out to be irreparable they will then arrange for collection and send you a new one.
  15. One reason that as been missed so far is that of money saving. I don't have the receipt option turned on on my till but it is a simple matter of pressing one button if someone asks for one. Having it turned off saved me just over £300 in till rolls last year. The saving s made by the likes of Greggs would be very substantial
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