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  1. Rotherham Rd runs from Retford Rd (Sorry not Handsworth Rd) through to Orgreave where the new housing estate is being built.
  2. Rotherham Road between Handsworth and Orgreave is disgraceful. Whoever is responsible it needs repairing.
  3. Lee at Handsworth Chiropody near the White Rose pub. Be aware he is private and you will have to pay. I've been going to him for years for routine work hard skin etc. He spotted a serious problem that required surgery. It's all sorted now and I still go to him. Nice bloke and good at his job.
  4. Try Regency Products on Broughton Lane, Next to Noose & Gibbet pub, opposite the Arena. They may be able to make it for you.
  5. She is a convicted criminal and should be punished. She should have thought of her children when committing her crimes which were not just a one off. They were well thought out and carried out over a long time. She is a clever calculating woman. Justice applies to us all and we can't and should not be able to pick and choose which we obey. Billions of pounds in aid from us, other countries as well as charities have poured into Africa over the years and they are still in abject poverty, why?
  6. Teeny, according to your location you are in Bulawayo, so maybe we should let you keep her. You obviously believe all the sob stories, we we are sick of them here. Many people come here not know the language and culture but they still come. What has a Zimbawe prison got to do with Nigeria and the U.K.? Whatever you say she came here ILLEGALLY she cheated and lied and deceived us in many ways get money from us. She is a CRIMINAL and that has been proved in court and much to many peoples anger, she got off lightly.
  7. No, deport her and let her own country keep her. ---------- Post added 07-06-2016 at 15:48 ---------- No she wasn't pushed in to it by traffickers. When she agreed to pay them she knew she didn't have the money and she knew what she was doing was illegal.
  8. She came here illegally, she is a thief and a liar. She has deceived and betrayed the people of this country and members of her church. Yes, children need a mother, she should have thought of that before embarking on her life of deceit and crime. Her children are her responsibility. Anyway what about their father? Where's he? She is clever, calculating and knows exactly what she is doing. Sorry I've no sympathy, I'm sick of paying tax for foreign scroungers like her.
  9. She is a thief and a criminal, she knows exactly what she is doing. She has stolen from the British people and betrayed the people of the the church who helped her. She should be deported immediately and given the choice to take or leave her children here. She is crook and as such has no rights.
  10. I took it as a tongue in cheek comment and had a laugh at it. Apparently Mrs M couldn't see the joke and decided to be offended. She then went on to pass judgement and blame tzijlstra instead of the thieves. Others saw the joke why couldn't she? Obviously one of the "Offended at anything" brigade. I certainly wouldn't have apologised.
  11. It depends what type of insurance you have. All I paid was £!00 excess the insurance company covered everything else including a courtesy car while it was been repaired.
  12. That's nice to hear tzijlstra. Hope it's not too badly damaged, mine wasn't. My Jazz was found about 10 miles away. I was shocked to get it back, I'd resigned myself to never seeing it again. It was checked by 3 different mechanics and was mechanically alright, the bodywork was repaired and everything is ok and she's running beautifully. Don't hold out much hope of catching the toerags as far as I known the thieves that burgled me were not caught but it will all come back on them one day. Get it repaired and put it behind you and enjoy your car again. Good luck.
  13. I really sympathise with you my Honda Jazz was stolen last year, along with other items from my home, under similar circumstances. If it's any consolation, mine was found by police 4 days later. It had a broken wing mirror and what I would call cosmetic damage, just some scratches. They also left the key on the dashbord. I was lucky they did no damage in my home in fact, if they had closed the door and turned the light out I wouldn't have know they had been in (I was in bed at the time and heard nothing). Yes I was angry but it could have been a lot worse. Don't give up hope you may get it back, I did. Good Luck. P.S. Officers from the Robbery squad came several times and were brilliant, so a big thanks to South Yorkshire Police.
  14. Here's another example of the council wasting money. On a rather narrow road near where I live it was decided to move the bus stops a few yards and use the cut ins for parking. Great idea, it's a busy road and parking can cause problems. So the council, in their wisdom, spent thousands of pounds and made the old bus stops smaller and narrower so only two cars can park there. So there is still a problem on the narrow twisty road.
  15. Saw Joe Cocker there years ago, happy days.
  16. Benliz, did you get a horse and carriage and how much did it cost? I know it's a personal question but, like me, I'm sure many people are as curious as me.
  17. My school leaving disco was in 1965. We wore our best clothes, nothing new, met up with friends and went and came home on the bus. We danced with the teachers and had a fabulous time. Nothing like today's expensive, over the top extravagant do's but still have wonderful memories.
  18. Billings is a Labour lacky and will do as he is told by the party. The next boss will be a one legged female Muslim lesbian with a degree in sociology to comply with the politically correct diversity rules. It doesn't matter if they can do the job or not.
  19. What exactly is meant by "Disband" does it mean sack all SY police, officers, support and clerical staff. If so who is going to police the area? How long will it take and how much will it cost? A lot of the problems in Labour controlled Rotherham was caused by over zealous political correctness not only by the police by mainly by council officials etc. Don't blame everything on police officers, blame the politically correct, right on thinking that is like poison running through all our public services.
  20. Thank you Alchresearch but what's happened in WOODHOUSE?
  21. Woodhouse, near the Royal pub. I've heard rumours that it is a baseball attack. Don't know any details but as I said it's a rumour. No doubt there are others going around.
  22. You all sound as if being foul mouthed is something to be proud of.
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