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  1. If it's the programme I saw I believe it was several parking notices that was ignored not just one. That's why the fines and charges were so high.
  2. I agree completely, it must be obvious to a blind man that when a breakdown/accident can bring the whole city to a standstill there is something seriously wrong with the layout, management and planning of our roads. This keeps happening but the planners will not acknowledge there is a problem and that they have got it wrong.
  3. EccoNoob. I was just stating what happened to me. I'm quite aware of the reasons but thought it so obvious that it wasn't necessary to explain. You obviously didn't agree hence your sanctimonious condescending reply.
  4. I went to a show at the Lyceum a few years ago and was charged £12 for 3 hours in this car park. Never again. Its a pity because its's ideally placed.
  5. The fireworks marked the end of the annual "Owls in the Park" in Hillsborough Park. I believe the event was moved to later in the year to coincide with 150th anniversary of the founding of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club which is today 4th September. Happy Birthday Sheffield Wednesday.
  6. Says it all about Sheffield doesn't it?
  7. The poor girl must be suicidal now, I went on Friday morning and the behaviour of the East Europeans and the ladies who were covered up was appalling. Scooping arms full of goods into large trollies grabbing everything they could, according to staff some walked out without paying.Their ruthless selfishness and greed had to be seem to be believed. The problems mentioned in the Star article was caused by the immigrants. Before the sanctimonious do-gooders start slinging racism. It's true, I was there and saw it myself. My daughter in law went at 1000 and after queueing left at 1130 so I don't believe the 4 hour wait. Yes it was busy but the majority waited patiently, they could see the staff were doing their best. All the staff deserved a medal as big as a frying pan for what they had to put with. Best of luck to them all.
  8. As sec. of a big tenants association let's hope you don't write the minutes. The place names (Nouns) should start with uppercase (Capitals) letters, spelling not so hot either.
  9. Football has sold it's soul to Sky and the TV companies so they will do as they are told. The old adage "He who pays the piper calls the tune" still applies today.
  10. I'd bow to your superior intelligence, if you had any..
  11. Blame the Tory cuts (Yawn) I agree that our parks etc were superb and second to none when they were under council control but then they were hived off to the highest bidder and jobs were lost for profit. Yes cuts had to be made but money had to be found to pay for the foreign scroungers that Labour invited (without our consent) to our City of Sanctuary.
  12. My Bold My MY we are getting upset arnt we, I deem they dont need one the same as the SCC and the Courts, have you written to them with your concerns, any way you are quickly going out of sight that hole is too deep for you to see clearly. ---------- Post added 31-05-2017 at 22:29 ---------- Cant you read now, just to make it easy for you Joined: Aug 2008 Location: Top of the hill Total Posts: 7,357 Quote: Originally Posted by cytine  Trying to squirm out of your nasty comments Kidley. Try your posts 61, 69, 75 to mention just 3. Where you have reserved the right to question and be suspicious of badge holders that YOU do deem not to need one. kidley you are correct, i have seen allot of so called "blue badge holder" what i do deem not to need one. And i might add so does SCC, they have even taken them to court and had them find. What the hell are you on about? You've lost your marbles. You are obviously incapable of holding a sensible discussion so I'll bid you goodnight and leave someone else to understand your lunatic rantings
  13. You really are a hypocrite that will not acknowledge their previous nasty comments. Why do YOU deem they don't need one when you know absolutely nothing about them or their situation? ---------- Post added 31-05-2017 at 22:18 ---------- YOU are the one making assumptions about people's need of a badge. Why can't you admit what you've said previously or are you off your head on something?
  14. Trying to squirm out of your nasty comments Kidley. Try your posts 61, 69, 75 to mention just 3. Where you have reserved the right to question and be suspicious of badge holders that YOU do deem not to need one. ,
  15. My sincere sympathy for the loss of your family members but I'm curious, did they have blue badges and if so, were you suspicious or question their need for one?
  16. My sisters partner had a blue badge. They had to go out on one of his "good" days when a woman sneeringly said "he looks healthy enough why has he got a blue badge?" My sister angrily informed her that "He is dying of cancer so he won't be around to annoy you for much longer". The arrogant busybody looked embarrassed but didn't have the grace to apologise. There are some very nasty, ignorant and opinionated people around, and many seem to be on this forum. By the way he has since died and not very pleasantly. Before anyone asks yes the blue badge was returned. Also has anyone thought that people with badges may need the extra room to open the door and manoeuvre out of the car?
  17. No they don't. Peoples medical conditions are private and none of your or anyone else's business. They have satisfied the medical interviews and contrary to yours and others beliefs, blue badges are not easy to get. By the way, how do I explain myself without using words?
  18. Kidley. Are you deliberately trying to be offensive and provoke arguments or are you genuinely this ignorant?
  19. Alan. Not all disabilities/illnesses are visible. Just because someone seems able bodied to you doesn't mean they are. Genuine answer.
  20. Kidley. I think we're getting confused. I'm talking about those who have the ability to see and decide illnesses immediately. I maybe wrong but I thought the PIP interviewers were bits of kids on the phone therefore they need X-Ray vision to assess applicants.
  21. All the sanctimonious know-alls, that are so clever that they can look at a person and decide what is wrong with them and if they need a blue badge, should surely be working for NHS. They would save us fortune.
  22. Hopefully we'd all report an assault, a burglary or so on if we saw it happening. We wouldn't report minor traffic infringements I guess. But deliberately running a red light, that's not that minor really.
  23. Dashcams, an excuse for sanctimonious busybodies (Cyclists and drivers) to feel important. But they never report/post their own mistakes.
  24. Anyone who believes that supermarkets are using technology to benefit the customer by cutting prices are deluding themselves. Job cuts and technology are being used purely to increase profit nothing else.
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