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  1. would take an Act of God to get onto those servers. maybe the domain controller but not the back office as such
  2. 4 years I think, these places are dying, they wont move with the times, and the customers also die off
  3. why be ageist regards such a strong issue, ? this is just as wrong as Walk/race for life at one time men couldn't even enter,, .All such events should welcome any age and gender
  4. golf bat place just opened on holme lane. also chemist for smack rats
  5. eco fuel lol its trees that have been cut down to burn. coal is already dead which we burn so both are pollutant. coal burners do require better filtering systems though
  6. never let any of our family pets out on their own! just the fish in the pond! but that had nets over it to protect them !
  7. and kill healthy trees, when we have lots of coal:loopy:
  8. one day I may understand cat owners! how can if be missing if the owner let if out! but glad its back safe!
  9. well they converted half of drax to Bio mass, ie wood pellets from trees cut down in Canada
  10. tell me about it ! also diabetic haven't been able to keep my drugs down:gag:
  11. is their any Bugs going round that causes vomiting . feeling cold and the need to drink water
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