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  1. The reason why I put cavemen etc is its not real and as much as we'd love to meet whoever - its not going to happen
  2. That can be harsh on friends and family around the person. My nan had alzheimers and when she passed away as much as we missed her atleast she wasnt suffering and we could morn. Where before that you knew she had already left us in spirt and soul but not her body. Its a hard things to deal with! God bless to him
  3. If you were stuck on an dessert island - what 3 things would you want to have with you and why?
  4. I would love to see my granddad again and meet my nan before she was ill (alziemiers). I think I would also chose Elvis - to find out why he ended up so screwed up and what went wrong the same with wacko jacko - find out how he started off black and then turned white, why he is the way he is really plus someone from the caveman times to find out what life was like then with all the dinos and stuff
  5. I've spoken to my fella over the phone as much as I hated it but he's not home until friday and he needs to know now. I mentioned that i was being chatted up by that guy and i enjoyed the attention which shouldnt be the way it is. weve spoken about things and are going to try and put spark back as i agree with other people on here and think its cos im bored with how things are with us. i may be sad to many of you but believe it or not what all of you have said has helped me - thank you
  6. Dale winton - Nick Knoles ( house programme ) - Jack & Jessie ( home & away) - Barbara winston - ( peggy/eastenders ) - Russell grant ( horoscope guy ) Rodery williams ( vet hospital/rugby player ) - Shauna lowey ( vet hospital ) anyone remember on channel 5 (5's company?) met alot of people on there - can't remember them all
  7. Bet yet people can talk about tooth problems or what sweets are nicer?
  8. I do try. When he comes home I take him fishing (which he loves) and take him out doing different things but its hard as he's such a quiet person and doesnt really talk. He is younger than me and maybe this is one of the problems
  9. I love my partner very much but he depends on me to much. He worships the ground I walk on and is very happy to admit it. He texts me the same text every morning and we speak at 9.30pm for 30 mins. I feel like I'm living groundhog day but when I tell him how I feel he says sorry and gets upset. How can I break this pattern?
  10. You start up something to talk about then? Bored thats all
  11. I'm chilled out about it now and I'm not going to tell him - I'll just see if the other guy says anything
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