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  1. Maybe not have a seperate kids menu at all just different portion sizes on a regular menu.
  2. Hi, could I have some details please? thanks
  3. I still have these, do you still want them?
  4. Hi, I have loads of baby coat hangers that I no longer need, does anyone know if charity shops take them or does anybody on here need any? Thanks
  5. thanks - I was looking at that for ages - still can't read it very well. Anyway, really just wanted to let everyone know about it if they didn't already. Ta.
  6. Just been told about a new cheaper dayrider for the trams if you travel between 10 -4. It's £2.80 instead of £3.70. details are here: http://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/kyioffpeaktramoffermarch/ I couldn't find any info about this on the stagecoach website and haven't seen it advertised anywhere on the trams - wonder why they aren't promoting it more?
  7. Any thoughts on hiring a dress for the big day? Or any tips if you have done this?
  8. I had the same problem, could not find smart trousers anywhere - ended up getting some online from La Redoute and they were on sale
  9. thank you for such a comprehensive answer! i'm due in 5 weeks so will see how i get on, planning on using disposable nappies to start with but i will definitely be back in touch if i do decide to give reusables a go. thanks again.
  10. Is anyone using reusable nappies? I'm wanting to give them a try but have no idea where to start - there's so many to choose from and I have no idea how to actually use them. Any advice?
  11. if you live in sheffield and are pregnant what options are there other than jessops if you want a hospital birth?
  12. My OH just got on a tram at meadowhall but they don't know how far it is going to go. I haven't seen any trams go past on middlewood road for quite a while.
  13. excellent news - a decent shop in hillsborough at last. think i'll have a look this weekend...
  14. Does anyone know where to get reasonable insurance including public liability?
  15. i think you can have 50 in the actual bandstand but people can stand outside too.
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