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  1. Hi does anybody know a good fencing company in Sheffield
  2. http://bouncearoundsheffield.co.uk
  3. Can anyone recommend someone to supply and fit astro turf. I've measured the area and its 8 metres by 4 metres Thanks
  4. Thank you do you know if you can go on with van??
  5. Does anyone if Thorpe hesley car boot is on tomorrow and what the stand fee?
  6. No it's not Excel parking, its a company called Vehicle Control Services. The main reason for this thread is a few years ago i had a ticket from Excel parking and paid it. Later i read on here that i should have ignored the notice as they don't have any authority
  7. This isn't a question of where i parked i just want to know if the parking ticket i have been given is lawful and do i have to pay it as it is a private company
  8. yeah cones ha ha. We parked on the verge after someone had left and there were no parking cones to say you couldn't as some of the bays had been taken up by ice been piled up. There were other cars on the verge as well but with no tickets. My main question is how do i stand with the ticket do i pay the £80 fine?
  9. I have a ticket for parking at centerainment. There were no corns out to say you could park on verge.
  10. fitzymv

    Van needed - 11th October

    I've pm'd you a price Danny
  11. fitzymv

    Bounceycastle hire

    Give these a call http://www.bouncearoundsheffield.co.uk/ they have allsorts of castle and slides
  12. fitzymv

    Half day van hire

    I've pm'd you
  13. fitzymv

    Sponsor for a football team

    Ha ha yes but can't do it this year
  14. I'm looking for a sponsor for my son's football team. He plays for hillsborough pumas under 8. If anyone is interested or knows someone who may ba able to help pls send a pm or give me a call thanks Danny

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