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  1. Awwww her little face! I dont normally have favourites but sharpy was my baby xxxxxxx
  2. Isnt the official closing down sale tomorrow?
  3. Frontline in my experiene is the only thing I would use for fleas.
  4. Hello, Found tabby cat. not microchipped. Has a collar on. Found in Ecclesfield near St.Michaels Cleaners (was crying round the back for 2 days, presumably cos it could feel the heat from cleaners) Currently being looked after by C.A.T.S. If you have a cat missing please contact me. Thank you
  5. COuld she been in a fight and has she had a bite which could of pulled the fur out? How is kitty by the way? I miss her ssoooo much.
  6. I would put pics up or ask round and if no-one claims her and you want to keep her then micro chip her and get her registered in your name
  7. Lol, its not that good that it sells them both but both shops are next to eachother so cant ask for more!! Just got back! Hope Jacobs Creeks doesnt taste like vinegar lol.
  8. Yep, got 3 days off for xmas shopping! not muc chance og that if tomorrow ends up like today!
  9. Well im going to walk up to the chip shop now and call and get a bottle of wine!
  10. Im stressed and tired.................this is why. Cats litter tray got knocked over by dogs as i was cleaning it out, so sludgy litter all over kitchen floor! Whilst I was trying to clean floor my dog was in my way trying to eat the cat poo! Washing machine has broken and one of my hubbys tops got ripped as there is a gap under one of the paddles!! I was polishing front room and picked a vase of flowers up that need throwing away and i slipped and dropped the vase all over the carpet, so not only was carpet sodden it stunk of dirty flower water! My other dog ran into my leg and now my knee hurts! She is like a bull in a china shop! So while Im trying to sort a million and one things out my hubby phones me to tell me he is working late! great! Then as im on my hands and knees trying to scrub the carpet my next door neighbour knocks, my cat has been in some form of accident and has blood all over his ear! So i had to stop what i was doing and bathe his ear! Next thing hubby walks through door and goes... 'you ok love, had a nice day?' I THINK NOT! And to top it all off! I have no wine in the house!
  11. Well we have dog wardens, but for them to be of any use a dog has to be straying mon-fri 9am-5pm lol
  12. Cutting it short, if anyone finds a dog, let the dog warden know, they will send you a pack out to fill in, return it to them, in 28 days the dog could be yours
  13. flipping heck k9@alifies. Alot of info most known but isnt adhered to by this authority.
  14. Well it definately doesnt happen here lol
  15. Oh Strix is was a total nightmare at the time . we had the dog wardens and rspca involved at the time. In the end they took her back because they wouldnt let anyone else have her. It turned out she had been rehomed at 3 years old to someone who had genuinly lost her, then when she was found and chipped the chip was still registered to her original owners. The original owners didnt want her but didnt want the current owners to have her back (a fall out amongst friends apparently) and by law the current owners couldnt have her back as the chip was still registered with her old owners. 3 weeks later they phoned me and she has 'gone missing' again and has never been found. It was a horrible situation. A microchip is only as good as the details that are held
  16. Good news she ins tchipped, we had all sorts of problems when we found a stray chipped dog, the old owners didnt want her but they werent willing to sign the paperwork to transfer the chip!!! nightmare!
  17. How annoyed you must be to come home from a hard day at work and see what I used to see.
  18. Give me the specific questions? unlike you I am busy doing other things!
  19. Hello, I want to learn how to do microchipping? Can you tell me if there is any courses in Sheffield? I was supposed to go on one in Nottingham at the beginning of the year but I dont drive and getting there by public transport would have been a nightmare because you have to take a pet with you. Thanks
  20. I dont find it outragous at all. Go and live on a council estate and see all the scroungers that could work but find any excuse not to. How hard is it to go to a doctors and claim stress? or depression for example? and once again im not saying 'everyone' does this but I know alot of people who do, especially where I used to live. They give a sob story, and bingo, gp signs them off with depression/stress/anxiety. Its a easy one to fake! Council estates are full of scroats of the earth who will come up with anything to have kids, have most things paid for and live in a council house drinking and smoking all day! It makes me sick!
  21. I dont have to back my opinion up! No-one does!!! It is my opinion, if you dont like it, lump it!
  22. Do not tell me what i know if fact or not!! Just like I wouldnt tell you!!! Yes my opinions are based on my personal experience and professional experience. And I stand by my opinion. Just as you stand by yours. Now leave me alone for godsake! Your directing your opinion in a nasty way towards me just because i disagree, so stop it. Now!
  23. It is my OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus christ. If you get offended by everyone who has a different opinion to you then you must take offense all the time! Get of your high horse and accept people are entitled to have different opinions!
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